Aging…….is it necessary?


I take the approach that your body becomes, with time, a reflection of your thinking and living habits. Your beingness regurgitates itself every time you think and speak, only to become a carbon copy of the self in your physical appearance, growing stronger over time. The more weighted down by fears, dislikes, nutritional deficiencies, the more we mirror the rough times we have had in this lifetime.

The skin reproduces itself every twenty-one days.The whole body renews itself in one year. If the body can renew itself in that short period of time I have to ask….how do we stop this renewing from taking place? I ask the question…. is aging necessary?

It’s easy to observe what’s happening. Look at an aging person that is not enjoying life. His mouth shape begins to curve downward. Posture slumps forward, lower neck takes on a hunched appearance, walking gait is stiff and uneven. Are we responsible for these bodies with its inability to repair?

Studies show our emotions, particularly stressful ones, can unleash a torrent of free radicals and create a “cortisol rage” which affects our skin, causing allergy and inflammation. Cortisol limits transport essential nutrients into the skin such as collagen. When we are upset, or eat sweets, we release coritsol. This excess cortisol gives us big bellies that most of us want to get rid of and can’t explain why we have it.

Diseases can be described as a pattern of symptoms. The causes of these symptoms over time increases aging. Aging is the result of malnutrition, damage and imbalance of the tissues and cells.

Most of us try to eliminate the patterns of symptoms, declaring the problem solved while the preconditions that created the condition remain, adding to the aging process as well as later bringing on new symptoms or even the old ones back.

Toxins are continuously released into the body, which create damage. This is the number one cause of aging and dis-health. So, the purer the food is, the more perfect the digestion and the cleaner the colon and body tissues become, and the younger and healthier we are.

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