The SECRET to a Healthier Digestion REVEALED!


In our fast paced world of ‘what is the quickest and most convenient’, this mentality can unfortunately also translate to our dietary choices as well. We consume canned, cooked, baked, pasteurized and processed foods on a regular basis.

What is missing from all of these quick fixes that is an essential key to our health? ENZYMES! Anything that is processed or cooked over 118 degrees is devoid of enzymes. Did you know that as far back as the 1950’s the canning industry started a massive campaign in a search to get rid of the enzymes in food?

All living things contain enzymes; in fact life cannot exist without them. Enzymes are the biological equivalent of our batteries, and once the enzyme store that is contained within our bodies is depleted, life ceases to exist.

A good example is a green banana that you buy from a grocer. As days go by, it first turns yellow, then brown and eventually black. The enzymes within the banana begin the breakdown process, therefore when we eat fresh fruits and vegetables, the enzymes they contain begin the breakdown process when you start chewing them.

Conversely, when we eat foods that are devoid of enzymes, we are putting the entire burden on our digestive system and eventually the body becomes taxed, lowering our immune system and making us more susceptible to colds, flu and illness. In time, our body begins to send out red flags such as gas, bloating and acid reflux to name a few. In some cases the stomach will do it’s best to break down what is ingested, sometimes passing along food that it is unable to digest. When this situation becomes chronic it can eventually cause severe digestive issues such as crohn’s, colitis or at the other end of the spectrum, constipation. Through proper nutrition and enzymes these issues can be addressed.

Our bodies contain a multitude of enzymes, each designed with a specific purpose. In my practice I specialize in enzymes, chiefly those which help to digest your food, those which heal your immune system as well as enzymes for specific organ support.

Even the person who has the most pristine diet can benefit immensely from enzymes incorporated into their daily consumption. For the person who is currently experiencing dietary stresses, a quality digestive enzyme is a great place to start. I am currently accepting new patients and would love the opportunity to discuss the benefits of enzymes with you.

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Karyn Choate


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