I AM The Light and the Details are in the Stuff


I love this time of year. Perhaps it is because as a child I have fond memories of getting cool stuff and when I became a parent, I created the same for my children. It was an exciting time, filled with giving and receiving, love and joy. As the years went by, my perspective changed. I am sure it won’t surprise you if I say that this time of year is not about the stuff we got or the stuff we give.

Well, I AM going to surprise you and say it is all about the stuff! It’s about the stuff we give, the stuff we get, the stuff that makes us comfortable, keeps us warm, the stuff that clothes us, feeds us, makes our life easy and the stuff we have to do to make a living. It’s all stuff and it’s stuff we do as human beings on planet earth at this time.

With all the stuff around us and all this stuff to do, it’s no wonder there is no time to ponder the deeper meaning of ‘stuff’ — no time to ponder, What can we do?

We keep doing what we’re doing, but we do it with a difference. We change the energy we put into the doing and the stuff. And when you do that you will have stepped into the true meaning of the season. At this holiday time of year, many religions celebrate the return of the light. Where is the light returning to? Why in us, of course!

When you choose to allow the light to return, then everything you do and all that stuff changes. It changes because you have now imbued everything you do and everything you come in contact with, with the truth of who you are. And since everything is this light anyway, you have now come into communion with all of life.

As I write this, I cannot think of anything greater that you could do that would serve a higher purpose and bring more joy into your life. In everything, choose to bring love and light to it, the gifts you buy, the people you give them to, the work you do, the judgments you make. It all deserves your love and light.

Have you ever given a gift out of obligation because you felt you had too? How did that feel when compared to giving a gift that you wanted to give which was enthused with love and joy? The stuff you gave is neutral. What is not neutral is the quality of energy you choose to imbue the stuff with. This extends to the doing as well; earning money for the gift, buying the gift, wrapping the gift, giving the gift, paying the bill for the gift. What matters is the energy you choose to infuse the stuff with.

Despite the added stress of this time of year, each of us has moments when the light shines bright and love is radiant and true. This is what this time of year is all about; a re-membering that we are the light. And if we are that light, then let’s remember to bring it to all the stuff we do.

So especially at this time of year when stress levels are running high, ask yourself, “What energy am I choosing to be?” This is the question we must always be asking ourselves even after the holidays pass.

May your life and those who are dear to you be blessed with the good, the holy and the beautiful at this holiday time of year!
~ Dave Krajovic
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