Are You Seeking Answers in Your Life?


Years ago, there was a toy called the, Crazy 8-ball. You could ask any yes or no question, then turn the ball around and read the answer. If you had something like this, but instead of a game you got truthful answers, what would you ask?

Would you have questions about your physical or mental health? Would you want to know how to better deal with stress? You may feel you are in a rut and would like to know how to get out of it. Perhaps you are feeling alone and would like to know how to improve your situation. Many years ago, a well-known author and hypnotist named Dolores Cannon, developed a method which allows the individual to tap into what has been called the “Super Conscious” level, and get answers to practically any question the person has. Dolores called this method, “Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy” (QHHT), and with it, you can actually communicate with guides or ascended masters on a much higher plane of reality and get truthful answers to practically any question you have about your life.

Would you like to find out what your purpose is? Would you be interested in learning how to deal with all the stress in your life? Are you experiencing anxiety and have no idea where it is coming from or what is causing it? If you are not happy with your job, would you like to know how to improve the situation or perhaps learn what career would be best for you? What about your relationships? Do you wonder if you are with the right person, or when you will meet Mr. or Miss Right? Have you ever questioned whether you are in the right location or if a move would be beneficial? Many people have health issues. Would you like to know why you have the problems you have and the best way to deal with them? Perhaps you have had some extremely challenging events in your life. Would it be valuable to know why you had to experience them? Perhaps you are just feeling confused and want to find relief.

When you go to the “Super Conscious” level, you deal with beings who have access to all the information about your life. They know why you came here, what your purpose is, and how best to accomplish what you came here to achieve. It’s as if there were a giant cosmic computer that has all the answers, and these beings on the higher level have access to this information. There is an expression that “knowledge is power,” and with this method you can gain incredible knowledge which can dramatically change your life.

With the QHHT method you also get to experience a previous lifetime, which can give you valuable insights and help you feel better about problems you are currently experiencing. As an example, there was a lady who was very distressed because she could not have children in this lifetime. During the first part of the session, this individual went to a lifetime where she was happily married with three beautiful children. Just finding out that she had been a mother in a previous lifetime made her feel so much better. In addition, many people have a terrible fear about death. But if you knew that you had lived before, you would realize that death is not the end. Also, knowing that you have lived before would help you face this life with a different perspective. The beings on the Super-Conscious level actually guide you to the lifetime that would be most beneficial for you to experience.

As you can see, with this method you get two wonderful benefits. First, you get to experience a previous lifetime, and even more importantly, you get an answer to practically any question that may occur to you. Imagine how valuable that could be for you!

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