The Spiritual Energy Crisis – Part 2


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In the 1970s, Dr. George King introduced the revolutionary concept that spiritual healing is not a gift for the few, as it had been previously regarded, but a natural ability which is the birthright of everyone. As an outstanding spiritual healer himself, he trained hundreds of people to become spiritual healers. Through his textbook, You Too Can Heal, he revivified the healing movement in the British Isles and spearheaded mass healing campaigns throughout the world.

As miraculous cures were affected and more people began to utilize the vast storehouse of energy which flows freely through space (prana, chi and the Energy of Life) for the benefit of others, another wedge of light was pushed more firmly into the dark world.

The spiritual energy that cures a lady of cancer, gentlemen of chronic arthritis, a child of epilepsy, is the same energy that motivates the brave and exhaustive efforts of rescue workers in the horrific devastation of an earthquake. It can be seen that this is indeed a “workable and usable energy which can be manipulated by anyone.” Just as electricity flows through wires and produces heat and light, so does Spiritual Energy flow through our minds and bodies to produce light in the darkness of our world.

Healing alone, however effective, would not have solved the spiritual energy crisis on Earth. Meditating long and often upon such facts, Dr. King made an outstanding breakthrough in the science of radionics by inventing the mission known as, Operation Prayer Power. This was, on January 23, 1972, dedicated by him—“to all people throughout the world who are unselfishly working for the preservation of the ecological balance of this planet, so senselessly polluted by unthinking man throughout the centuries.” One year later, this mission of world peace and enlightenment was inaugurated on a Holy Mountain in England and later in the USA.

This outstanding concept is a breakthrough in metaphysics. It involves the blending of humanitarianism and science—the essence of the Age of Aquarius through Christian prayers and Buddhist mantras, the participants in Operation Prayer Power invoke and direct spiritual energy into the radionics apparatus used in this mission. This apparatus can store Spiritual Energy indefinitely, and the energy can then be released at a later date through radionics machines called, Spiritual Energy Radiators[1] to world catastrophes of any kind.

Dr. King described the modus operandi of this mission as follows:

“The energy is put in the battery through prayer and it is directed by thought. The whole idea behind it is that, if you have a thousand people praying in a thousand different places in a thousand different ways, you have a thousand different radiation points. But if you bring these people together and you direct that energy by thought, and store it, you have one major reception point. The first battery charged in Operation Prayer Power took approximately 750 man-hours of prayers to charge. That power can be released in 30 minutes. So you see the tremendous concentration of energy there is in one of these batteries. And that is the whole essence of Operation Prayer Power.

“For instance, if there is an earthquake, rather than suddenly trying to bring a thousand, or even two hundred people together to pray for three or four minutes each, with Operation Prayer Power you have the energy here instantly. Thirty minutes and it’s away, under a tremendous concentration, because of the design of the equipment. So we have learned to regulate a tremendous power.”

The history of Operation Prayer Power has brought many outstanding results. Floods of spiritual energy have been directed to victims of floods and earthquakes; to the peacemakers in the United Nations; to rescue workers and to thousands of people who are suffering, or are helping to relieve suffering as a result of war and natural disaster.

Operation Prayer Power is conducted on a weekly basis at five Aetherius Society centers throughout the world, including the Michigan Branch, in Royal Oak, Michigan and all are welcome to attend.

The solution to the spiritual energy crisis does not, however, lie with one mission or with one man, however great they may be. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us upon this Earth. In the words of Dr. King: “Miracles on Earth are not done by God for man, but by man for God.”

~ Chrissie Blaze
Chrissie Blaze was a close student of the inventor of Operation Prayer Power, Spiritual Master, Dr. George King, for over 25 years. She has been a regular attender in London, Los Angeles and now Michigan since its inauguration. She is an author of eleven books, international lecturer and Spiritual teacher. She is co-host of Aetherius Radio Live at For further information about Operation Prayer Power, please contact The Aetherius Society at (248) 588-0290, or e-mail or Website:


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