Seeking Rehab Devices for Detroit Seniors


“Detroit’s Lending a Hand Loan Closet” Seeks Rehab Devices for Detroit Seniors

Do you have ‘gently used’ rehabilitation equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs, canes, shower chairs, etc., that are no longer being used and are taking up space in your closet, basement or garage? Would you like to pass them on to patients who would benefit greatly by having them?

“Detroit’s Lending a Hand Loan Closet” is a local organization that helps provide free assistive devices for Seniors and residents of Detroit who are unable to afford them. Although Lending Closets are plentiful in surrounding communities, they are scarce in the city of Detroit.

The donated items, used for self-care and daily activities, help recovering patients create independence and live with safety, dignity and well-being, and there is no time limit as to how long patients can keep the items.

The organization was founded by Mary Beth Kiefer, an Occupational Therapist for 37 years. “I facilitated evaluations in Detroit and three out of four patients didn’t have rehab devices since facilities don’t have the funding to provide them, and Medical Insurance doesn’t pay for them. We are in desperate need for rehab equipment for the citizens of Detroit.”

For information on volunteering or donating items, contact Mary Beth Kiefer (248) 336-0795.


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