Playing With a Full Deck

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard someone say, “They’re not playing with a full deck” or “They don’t have both oars in the water.” While these terms seem derogatory and judgmental in nature, what if there were more truth about this with everyone on this planet? What if no one is playing with a full deck?

Have you seen the movie, “Lucy”? If you haven’t, the basic premise behind this movie is that on average people only use about 10% of their capacities and capabilities. Whereas someone like Oprah or Richard Branson are said to use about 12-15% of their brain power.

What happens in the movie “Lucy” (spoiler alert) is that Lucy, played by Scarlett Johansson, unwillingly becomes a drug mule. A bag of a new drug is surgically implanted into her abdomen. In one scene, she is captured by a rival drug cartel, chained up and beaten. During this beating the bag of drugs develops a small tear and a bit of the drugs begins to leak out.

As the drug leaks into her system and enters her bloodstream, a percentage meter is shown on screen showing how her capacities are increasing and she becomes more aware of her surroundings and plots her escape.

Throughout the movie, they show this percentage meter on the screen and we see how Lucy accesses her new capacities and capabilities until she reaches 100%.

What would it be like if you had access to more of your capacities and capabilities? What would it be like to have access to more of you?

Access Consciousness® provides a pragmatic approach to empowering you to increase your capacities, capabilities and awareness. However, without the use of drugs.

Access Bars® is a tool that starts to open you up to receiving more of you; more of whatever you would like to have in your life.

This is accomplished by touching and holding 32 points on the head. By touching these points, using about 12 different hand positions, the energy starts to remove points of view (POV), conclusions, judgments and computations, that are locking you up and limiting your life.

There are many other tools in Access, usually questions, that start to remove the positive and negative charges around points of view and judgments and move you to a neutral position. By clearing out all of this electrical discharge, you start to have more clarity and greater awareness. More Consciousness.

The breadth and depth of the information in Access Consciousness® is amazing, dealing with everything from Relationships, Money, Health, your Body, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Dimentia, PTSD, Bi-Polar and a whole lot more.

What would your life be like if you had more clarity, more awareness and the ability to tap into your knowing with more ease? Take a moment and get a sense of this. What are you noticing? Are you ready for some change in your life, your living, your reality? What do you want your life to BE like? It’s just a choice.

David Miller

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About the writer: Dave Miller

David Miller 248-770-9154. David is presently a Certified Access Consciousness Bars™ Facilitator and Certified Body Process facilitator. Teaches Bars Classes and does individual healing sessions, a student of personal growth since the early 1970’s, offering Pragmatic tools to change things in your life that you haven’t been able to change until now with Access Consciousness®

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