Refreshed by The Magic of Life


This morning as I was doing my morning meditations, a Coopers Hawk landed on a branch of my Maple tree friend, who lives just outside my window. Since Hawks are some of God’s messengers, when they arrive in your life, it pays to check and see if they might have a message for you! So I asked, “Are you here to gift me with a message or just hunting?” The reply excited me down to my toes! The hawk said, “Fly with me”.

Being human is an amazing thing! Our souls have the ability to experience what it is like to be all other life forms. We do this through imagination, but also through the spiritual capacity of our souls. It is as though other life forms teach us to be ourselves in ways that our own culture and ordinary life can’t do. We can be anything from a hawk, or a tree, to a flower or a whale. Doing so awakens within our soul the greatness of our being and the freedom of our spirit. It takes us out of our limited perception of self and helps us realize our potential as we incorporate the unique strengths each creature specializes in and which they awaken within us. It is quite a gift!

So I took a moment to open to the hawk within me and immediately I felt tremendous joy and aliveness. Every part of my body and soul came to focus in that moment and I experienced unity with God and life, not just in my body, but I could feel it in my aura; as though the layers of energy that surround my body were actually wings. I could feel the individual feathers, each aware of the wind and their unique role in keeping me aloft. I felt refreshed, liberated and deeply relaxed. It was like being on vacation for a month without all the logistical requirements!

All humans have the capacity to do this; they just need to focus for a few minutes at a time to let it happen. Nature is the most amazing teacher. When in nature, let your soul be guided to what is there that has a message or gift for you. Something will grab your attention, maybe not at will, but when the time is right, and you will feel a connection like it is speaking to you, only on the inside and often without words! When this happens, spend time opening, letting yourself become: a cloud, tree, bird, wave, dew drop, chipmunk – whatever has called to you. The experience will be most effective if you let this happen with your feeling self — not up in your head or out of your body, but right down to your toes, within your breath, in your finger tips and your spine. Let it happen inside of you!

You can even utilize pictures, videos or television to connect with nature this way. After you have watched and observed how they live, turn off the media device if you are using one and let yourself become the creature in your imagination and feeling self. Feel it in your heart and belly and all the way down to your toes, let it awaken within your soul. Out in nature is best, although rather limited this time of year in this part of the country! You could do this with a snowflake, an evergreen tree or the wind!

With practice, you will learn to experience this and it will help your soul to grow spiritually attuned to life within you and more aware of the messages and goals of your own higher self. You will also begin to integrate the gifts of different life forms into yourself; not by stealing their energy, but by awakening these potentials within your own self. Every aspect of nature can be your teacher. If you need more courage and better boundaries, spend time integrating the lion or the wolf.

So, when life feels too dry and restricted; when it seems that the computer and the phone, or the dishes and the kid’s schedules have eaten you up and you feel tired of your life, let nature refresh and awaken your soul. Let yourself experience a different way of being and seeing the world for just a few minutes. You too will feel as though you have had a month’s vacation and can return to your life with a fresh attitude and a smile.

~ by Eve Wilson


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