Keeping The Body Healthy in the New Year


The first thing to do to keep the body healthy is to clear the toxins out of the body. The liver works to filter the blood. What happens when the liver’s filter becomes congested with an excessive amount of waste? The liver must perform some 500 different valuable functions to keep the body well. When the liver becomes congested with waste from undigested, unusable food residue, especially refined fats, it can cause an excess of cholesterol which then forms on the arterial walls.

As this cholesterol thickens on the arterial walls, small pieces flake and join the circulating blood. When these small particles contact each other, they stick together forming larger masses that the liver has to filter. This Cholesterol will, over time, fill the gallbladder and clog the liver.

Your gallbladder is an emulsifier; it acts like a detergent, breaking down fats and oils by turning them into a liquid. Once you have cholesterol build-up on the arterial walls, it will eventually turn into plaque material. In time, in the gallbladder itself, these cholesterol crystals form little green balls of cholesterol. This will eventually turn into plaque material, which starts to cause a backing-up of the same material into the liver, creating a “fatty liver,” which again reduces the liver’s filtering capabilities.

When the liver can’t keep up with filtering enough of the cholesterol crystals from the blood, the blood starts to get saturated with a heavier concentration of the cholesterol crystals, which increases the levels that show up in a blood serum cholesterol test.

13639037_ml Try making healthy food and treats when preparing meals. Here is a healthy heart cake recipe from my book, “Stop The Clock”.

Healthy Heart Holiday Cake

1 cups of apples, Julienne
1 cup of carob or chocolate powder, raw
1 cup carrots, Julienne
1 cup coconut, shredded
1 cup raisins
2 Tbs. cinnamon
1 cup of dates, chopped

Put all ingredients into your food processor with steel blade attachment and mix. Put into spring form pan. The cake gets better tasting when sitting in the refrigerator overnight. Add raw banana ice cream onto each layer. I will give you the recipe for raw ice cream from my book, “Stop the Clock” in the next issue of Body Mind Spirit Guide.

Dr. Linda Solomon


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