Sugar Cravings are to die for..


Are sugars addictive? Ask anyone who is trying to lose weight or someone who feels tired all the time. You’ll likely decide they definitely are.

Refined sugars make you feel better temporarily, causing a sharp rise in blood sugar which then quickly plummets. This leads to lowered energy and negative moods and creates a craving to bring the sugar levels back up. Like heroin, alcohol, and morphine, refined sugars activate endorphins to give a euphoric feeling. People find themselves gorging on sweets even though they know it will eventually make them feel terrible.

Many studies link refined sugar to insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver, high blood pressure, heart disease, chronic inflammation, high triglycerides, dental caries, and other adverse effects including weight gain. This reacts on the adrenal glands causing a rapid adrenaline rise which can lead to hyperactivity and creates difficulty concentrating by “cranking up” the nervous system. Ever witness a child on a “sugar high”? The adult reaction is quite similar. Social restraints keep us from acting out, but the urges are there, nevertheless.

So what can you do to help yourself get off your addictive roller coaster since you know that you want to help yourself reduce the risk of obesity and the many health problems that go with it?

Here’s our solution:

* Drink plenty of good water. (At our office we encourage you to taste and experience the best water available anywhere. Call our office to learn why we say we have the best water. Come in to see and bring an empty jug with you. This is complimentary. )

* Eat a few nuts and seeds every 2 hours.
The protein and fat in the nuts will help prevent sugar lows.

* Use Inositol powder. It comes from the B vitamin and is very sweet. It is white and looks like sugar, but it exerts a calming effect on the brain.

* Use coconut oil and coconut butter. The brain is made from water and fat. It doesn’t produce sugar surges and can actually help you sleep better as a beneficial side effect.

* Spray liquid Genemia in your mouth when you crave sugar. It’s a natural herb that helps stop your craving for sugar.

If you are a victim of this problem, and would like to discuss it further with a trained nutritional therapist, call our office at 734-664-0339 to arrange a no cost or obligation consultation.

Dr. Linda Solomon D.C., CCWFN


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