Trance-Formation: Some Thoughts about Past Life Regression


Within the layers of our consciousness there exist alternative realities – each as engaging and “real” as the material realm within which we are presently embodied. Through the process of Past Life Regression (PLR) hypnosis, it is possible to “wake up” into one of these alternative realities in the same manner that the nighttime dreamer arouses into daytime wakefulness. In so doing, we unlock a vast inner storehouse of experience, wisdom and insight that can inform our present life, heal old wounds, provide sought-after answers, and promote a sense of wholeness and integration.

The world we “see” is filtered through our needs, wishes, values, and worldview, and the resulting memories are recorded into our brains not as objective, historical renderings of “Truth”; rather, our brain records reality as perceived through our human subjectivity. This is true of past life memories as well. While in the PLR trance state, we become witnesses to ourselves in other human bodies seeking joy, meaning, survival, and prosperity just as we are now. And we witness ourselves in other human bodies that are subject to the same inclinations to make mistakes, poor choices, pursue unhealthy habits and misadventures as now. Wisdom does not come merely through the reliving of the past, but in transcending the patterns of the past. PLR aids in that process.

We have taken the human form to bring a certain wisdom and range of experience to our soul. The evolution of our soul is a process; we can take as much time as we need, repeat as many mistakes as necessary, and re-live the same lessons over and over until they are learned and deeply ingrained. We have eternity on both sides of the present moment, rendering time a playground for our soul when it is embodied in the human form.

While experiencing Past Life Regression, people are able to access a deeper, more complete understanding of themselves by recovering their soul’s history which, to that point, had been inaccessible to awareness. But that doesn’t mean those forgotten memories haven’t influenced our choices and perceptions. Indeed, the influence is profound but unseen and we are compelled to repeat the patterns of the past until we step outside the limitations of our everyday awareness. Past Life Regression helps one shift from the psychological to a spiritual dimension of being.

Our spirit is that part of us that transcends time and links us to the Divine. Our human form and brain drapes an awareness that has existed in other bodies and, upon the death of the physical body, will leave to assume other forms. Contained within our spirit are the memories of all we have been and That Which We Are. Several of my clients have voiced the same sentiment, that “Our physical being is the spiritual experience of our soul. And…the Creator lives through us.”

In trance, we can transcend the limiting and often-unchallenged self-beliefs brought to us through our upbringing, culture, education and even religion. Wisdom lives within us, but often speaks in a whisper. Embark on a good remembering and trance-formation through PLR.

Art Roffey, Ph.D.


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