Choosing Natural Remedies for Colds and Flu


‘Tis the season for getting the cold/flu, especially after the holidays. There are billions of Americans affected by the flu every year. When you wake up sneezing, coughing, and have that achy, feverish, can’t move a muscle feeling, how do you know whether you have a cold or the flu? Cold symptoms usually last for about a week and are usually mild. Flu symptoms are usually more severe than cold symptoms and come on quickly. Symptoms of the flu include a sore throat, fever, headache, muscle aches and soreness, congestion, and cough. The flu can also result in serious health problems such as pneumonia and hospitalization. It is very important to take notice if the symptoms are lingering or worsening; be sure to check with your health care provider.

Homeopathy was used very successfully during the 1914 flu epidemic and helped to reduce the horrific death rate by flu during the start of the century. Homeopaths can greatly help one another during epidemics by sharing information on symptomatic patterns and remedies they have found effective. The concept of finding the “genus epidemics”, the remedy used in such outbreaks, has the potential to save lives and reduce suffering. Flu is an epidemic illness that affects large numbers of the population around the same time and is highly contagious.

Homeopathy remedies are very safe and effective without any drug interaction. They can be used for children, pregnant women and geriatric age groups. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The best protection is a healthy immune system.
1. Wash your hands often. Drink mostly water or warm soup.
2. Eat healthy vegetables and fruits; give up processed food like sugar and white flour. Start your day with fresh juice consisting of leafy greens, carrot, apple and ginger.
3. Exercise. Try to get some sun or take Vitamin D with some Omega’s.
4. Sleep like a baby; make sure you have a good amount of rest.

I usually give my clients a kit to keep during the cold and flu season which has:
1. Cold flu prevention remedy to start taking as a preventive.
2. Flu with a sore throat remedy should be taken once you think you have the flu.
3. Fever remedy.
4. Stomach flu remedy for diarrhea and vomiting.
It is very important to come up with an acute remedy which matches the symptoms manifested by the body. If you want the best results, always consider the totality of the symptoms manifested, and keep in mind what makes one person better or worse. What is strange or peculiar in the individual is important according to the homeopathy perspective.

The world’s best-loved homeopathy flu remedy is Oscillococcinum. It is made from the heart and liver of a Muscovy duck and follows the same principles of dilutions of homeopathy remedies; it is a micro dose of the original substance. It has a wonderful safety record with no drug interaction or side effects, as with most homeopathy remedies. It helps reduce severity and duration of flu-like symptoms such has headache, body ache, chills and fever.

More great Flu Remedies

The Law of Similar remains important, to match the symptom manifested by the individual with the remedy data base in homeopathy books.
Aconitum napellus: This remedy is useful for a flu that comes on suddenly and is intensely accompanied by fever, anxiety, constricted pupils, and strong thirst. The person may feel fearful or agitated, and the fever can alternate with chills. Symptoms are often worse around midnight. Exposure to cold wind or a shock of some kind often precedes the illness.

Arsenicum album: The person feels chilly and exhausted. Exhibits an anxious restlessness. He/she may be thirsty, but often only takes small sips and may experience nausea with burning pain, or vomiting and acrid diarrhea. If the flu is respiratory, a watery, runny nose with sneezing paroxysms and a dry or wheezing cough is often seen. The person’s head usually feels hot, while the rest of the body is chilly.

Belladonna: This remedy is indicated when there are sudden, intense symptoms including fever, red face, hot skin, and extreme sensitivity to light and jarring. Other symptoms include a very red sore throat, a pounding headache, a nagging cough, or other throbbing and inflammatory symptoms. The person’s hands and feet may feel cold despite high fever. Chills and heat may alternate.

Bryonia: Bryonia is good if symptoms include a headache, cough, constipation, thirst, and irritability. Symptoms: This remedy is often prescribed when a person feels very hot and dry, is thirsty for cold drinks, and experiences aching.

Eupatorium perforliatum: Eupatorium is helpful for severe aching deep in the bones that makes you feel sore all over and might be accompanied by a great thirst for cold drinks.

Gelsemium: Take Gelsemium if you have heavy, droopy eyes, feel weak and tired with aches and chills up and down your back, and want to be alone. Symptoms: A hot head and face, but with chills that go up and down the back and a burning headache without any real sense of thirst, etc.

These remedies can be found in health food stores and can be used in 12X or 30 C potency 3-4 times per day. Please contact healthcare practitioner or trained homeopath for assistance.

The stomach flu is one that has both vomiting and diarrhea. Spasms of the stomach and intestine are the characteristics of the remedy NuxVomica. This remedy is particularly suited for the person who has these symptoms and has a nervous and excitable temperament. This is the person who is an ambitious type with a love of power and who can be angry and impatient. They love stimulants and good food and wine. This person may develop the stomach flu after overindulgences. Again, we might find the stomach flu prevalent after the holidays.

Homeopathy has empowered us to seek out complementary remedies and to educate ourselves. It has given us back the right to honor our own inner wisdom. All you have to do is ask for help. Create a community of like-minded practitioners that you can work with. Each of us has been gifted with a particular talent that we express through our choice of professions. As a homeopath, I use various remedies based on principles of Classical Homeopathy. I also teach various homeopathy classes so you can incorporate homeopathy into everyday life and use it for your family. As an integrative practitioner, I call upon my network of professionals in cases that need other interventions such as acupuncture, Reiki, massage, yoga and meditation.

As with any drug, ask a doctor before use if pregnant or nursing. Consult a physician if symptoms persist for more than 7 days or worsen.

~ Monica Gurnani BHMS, CCH, RHSom(NA)


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