Instantly Increase the Success Rate of Your New Year’s Resolutions


We have all been there before. January 1st rolls around and we are highly motivated to make a difference in the New Year. We vow to do it differently and so with great optimism and enthusiasm we set in motion a series of plans, actions and commitments to change. Within weeks and surely by the end of winter, most of what was hoped for is no more. Life is still the same.

Surely this isn’t the way it is meant to be! How do we get a different result? Of course, there are many tools and techniques that can be used to help but there is one thing that is often overlooked that remains profoundly powerful in helping us create permanent change in our life.

More Discipline Is Not The Answer

We know that whatever we wish to change would have changed already if we knew how. So it is not a matter of desire or more discipline. Invariably, at some level of our being, there is a reason that we remain imprisoned. There is a story (likely an unconscious one) that we have been telling ourselves that offers some kind of reward. Our reward could be drama, victimhood, pride, overweight, self-loathing, depression and so on. On a conscious level, none of us desire these things in our life. But it is how the soul works through the subconscious and the ego. Trying to change by creating a new vision of you and exerting force of will alone, is often not enough to overcome the story of your life.

Let Go Of Your Story

Holding on to your story is the one thing often overlooked when people seek to transform their lives. Trying to do it another way is like trying to blow air into an already inflated raft. When the raft is already filled with air, it is really hard to put more into it. In fact, the more you try the more resistance there is and the harder it becomes. Consider also that a raft that is so full of air is less flexible than one with a little less air. At some point, the pressure can build to such an extent that the raft could burst. Have you ever felt like you could burst? Of course you have. This is where underlying irritability and unprovoked anger comes from. It becomes an undertone that affects our entire life.

Holding On Pushes Life Away

Letting go of your story reduces the resistance. Change will be much easier for you. Interestingly, these stories are reflected in your breath pattern which is likely to be shallow and rapid. We have witnessed this in hundreds of breathers. As a result, your life force is also suppressed, denying you the vitality and passion of a joyful life that comes with being more conscious.

A Prayer of Letting Go

There is a prayer we use to help us let go of our stories. It is based on the Hawaiian healing technique, Ho’ponopono, and it goes something like this: “I am sorry for creating this issue in my life. Please forgive me for creating separation, lack and suffering. Thank you, however, for bringing this lesson into my life. I love you (the experience I created) for the gift you have given me. I have learned from it and, therefore, no longer need this condition. Because I love you, I set you free, to go and become something else. It is done. Amen.”

The Breath Enhances

As we mentioned before, because the story suppresses your breath pattern, letting go of it will open it up and allow you to access more life-force. There are certain breathing techniques we teach that enhances the prayer, making it even more effective in less time.

There is a lot going on within this little prayer and the breathing techniques. If you would like to learn more, please join us for our workshop, Creating the Life You Want on February 1 and/or join us for our Guided Creation Meditation on Monday, January 5 at 9 PM EST on

May the New Year bring you tremendous blessings of good health, happiness, prosperity, spirituality and an abundance of all that is good.

~ Dave Krajovic

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