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Located in Farmington, MI, the hŌMe Life Center offers workshops and resources that focus on a peaceful, loving path towards relationship restoration and development. The center’s founder and visionary is Stacy Bishop Niskar. Stacy established hŌMe Life having a core belief in love, going beyond places of limitation, and expanding one’s potential for greater love through healing and embracing change.

With an educational background in Child Development and Human Services, Stacy graduated from Michigan State University in 1996. From there, she helped mothers struggling with addiction, abuse and other home life issues. Throughout her lifework, Stacy collaborated with social workers, drug counselors and other family social service groups in an effort to break destructive family cycles to facilitate new personal and parenting skills.

Her true joy and passion is working with children and families. She has worked as a camp counselor with Metro Detroit and Northern Michigan’s youth programs, most recently partnering with Source of Universal Love (S.O.U.L.). S.O.U.L. is a non-profit organization that provides support and help to individuals and families in adverse situations by providing food, clothing, education, care counseling, resources and transportation—this partnership is one that will surely continue to grow and prosper.

With Stacy’s vast experience in Mind and Spirit, her focus has naturally gravitated towards the Body, developing a deep love for Yoga. She is a certified and registered Yoga teacher, and has eloquently integrated Yoga into her healing practices in order to delicately balance the Mind, Body, Spirit connection. As a result, the hŌMe Life Center offers a mixture of individual and group Yoga classes for couples, children, and adults.

The hŌMe Life Center offers Relationship Counseling for those who are open to creating a safe and sacred space of love and awareness in order to strengthen meaningful bonds in every type of relationship in their lives, thus creating optimal happiness, peace and harmony. The foundation of Relationship Counseling is based on an instructional manual authored by Stacy, titled “Relationship Building” and is slated to be published early 2015.

Along with various intuitive meditation classes, drumming circles and events such as, “Be in Touch With Nature for Children” and “Mindful Walk With Adults,” the hŌMe Life Center’s true calling is to awaken the True Self, fostering a shift in consciousness that transforms lives.

hŌMe Life Center, 23023 Orchard Lake Rd, Building A-1, Farmington, MI. Call: (248) 343-5571 or email: Visit:


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