Angels of Your Food


There is a simple way to energize your food so that it energizes you! I am excited to share this with you because I find it both joyful and effective!

When you visit an organic garden, fruit tree or wild berry patch and pick for yourself fresh produce at its ripest, it is so radiant with life force that anyone can perceive it; so obviously good. When you bite into such produce, it erupts with life, flavor and scent. It brings you joy as well as optimal nourishment. For someone like myself –Virgo, healer, aura reader – an organic garden is a little piece of paradise! The physical atmosphere and energy of its life force is complex, full of color and scent. But the spiritual layers of energy, scent, color and life are phenomenal; with angels so active and nature spirits so full of life that it is richly satisfying and beautiful.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t get to eat fresh from the garden like that very often. Our grocery store food has been produced for quantity and shelf life, rather than aliveness and nutrition. It has come a long way from the earth and the sun to sit on the shelves of the store. I am grateful that we have fresh (well, not so fresh) produce all year through, and am happy to work with it to make it better in the way I will teach below! If you have experienced the organic farm and picked your own food, you’ve come to realize how the grocery store produce has very little life left in it.

Fortunately, there is a way to restore a degree of life to your food that will also improve its flavor and nutritional value! I’m not saying it will be like fresh and organic, but it will carry the spirit of that and it will be improved in important ways at the physical level too.

Every life form has an angel which sounds a vibrational tone attuned to its true spirit and being. This angelic tone calls the spirit to its body and awakens the body to its optimal form, supporting its growth and evolution. The angel can be recalled to your produce and restore value, flavor, scent and life force to your meal! It doesn’t matter if your food is fresh, frozen or canned, fruit, vegetable, grain, dairy, fish or meat; just contemplate where it came from to vary your requests to fit the circumstances.

Recalling the angel and healing your food:

– Open your heart to the food you are cooking or eating and give thanks for its life which it is giving to you.
Appreciate its beauty and pleasurable and nutritious gifts, its smell and the flavor it would have if it were at its very best. Think of what it was like in its natural environment when it was most alive.

– Invite the essence of truth of the angel of the specific food you are working with to come into the food and heal it, to re-awaken it to its aliveness and nutritional value better than if it had been organically grown, fully ripened and freshly harvested to your table.

– Ask that any toxic elements would be healed such as chemicals, hormones, genetic modifications, cruel practices or spoilage retroactively as though it had been raised organically and naturally.

– Invite the energy of sun and soil, rain and air that have nurtured it and ask that it would be retroactively restored to its full nutritional value, flavor and scent as though it were just harvested now.

– Ask its forgiveness for however it was grown and handled which was less than optimal.

– Give thanks for the healing, the angel, sun, earth, air and the spirit of the food. Ask that its spirit be blessed.

– Enjoy your delicious food!

To Ripen Fruit and Keep it Fresh Longer:

Using the same approach as above, you can also ask that fruit such as bananas and pears which come to you green would be ripened so that they are at their optimal nutritional value and flavor. Ask that it be done better than if they were picked fully ripened and that once ripe they will retain that perfect state until they can all be eaten.
This works particularly well with bananas!

by Eve Wilson


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