Who does this belong to?

Seems like a strange title for an article. Let me take a minute to explain.

What if you were more psychic than you give yourself credit for? What if everyone on this planet were? I’ve heard that 99% of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that we perceive do not really belong to us. Our minds and bodies are psychic receptors of magnitude.

What would happen if you were to ask “Who does this belong to?” for every thought, feeling and emotion you encounter for the next three days? This is a very powerful Access Consciousness exercise. It is utterly life changing.

One day at my day job, I started to walk up the stairs and noticed a pain in my knee. The awareness immediately entered my head, “I don’t have knee problems.” Then, I remembered to use the tool, “Who does this belong to?” and whoosh, the pain went away. “Return to sender with consciousness.”

You see, if it’s not yours, you aren’t going to fix it.

Another time, I arrived at the parking garage just down the street from my day job. I was feeling pretty chipper. I got to the ground floor and hit the sidewalk and all of a sudden, this feeling of deep dark despair came over me. I immediately went to, “Who does this belong to?” and “Return to sender with consciousness.” Whoosh, it went away.

So, most people believe that these things belong to them and they begin to own them. Yep, bought and paid for, own them as their own. Sad, but true. A friend posted on Facebook about feeling really depressed and in a dark place around the Christmas holiday. I asked him to use “Who does this belong to?” and he did. It’s all very simple. Doesn’t hardly take any real effort. And it works.

A relatively new acquaintance of mine decided to end his life the day after Christmas. I wish I would have had the chance to share this tool with him. All of the mental anguish that he was going through. If he only had known about this tool.

And what about Robin Williams? The dark place that he was in. Could he have used this tool? Probably.

The people on this planet for the most part tend to buy into the diagnoses and labeling that the psychological community hands to us. They stick us with their points of view and leave us no way out. They prescribe drugs, years and years of therapy.

There are now a lot of psychotherapists around the world that are using the tools of Access Consciousness in their practices and are facilitating a lot of change in their patients. They are using the tools of Access in working with children previously labeled, ADD, ADHD and Autistic. They are using the tools for people that are in recovery from addictions. They are using the tools to create dynamic change in people’s lives.

Go ahead, start using “Who Does This Belong To?” and see what changes start to occur in your life. You might also want to get your Bars run to see what additional clarity and space you can have in your life.

~ Dave Miller

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About the writer: Dave Miller

David Miller 248-770-9154. David is presently a Certified Access Consciousness Bars™ Facilitator and Certified Body Process facilitator. Teaches Bars Classes and does individual healing sessions, a student of personal growth since the early 1970’s, offering Pragmatic tools to change things in your life that you haven’t been able to change until now with Access Consciousness® www.AccessDave.com

One Response to Who does this belong to?

  1. Renae February 9, 2015 at 5:50 PM

    Thanks for sharing this awesome tool. It is wonderful to have reminders for those of us that know of them, but all too often get wrapped up in our own stories and neglect to open the tool box and utilize the right tool for the job! This changed my perception on an ongoing event in my life and I thank you for the reminder, Dave.


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