I Love You


You stand at the next opening of your becoming, resting in the yearning of your heart, and a new you is born.
There is nothing to reach for, your good has already been given. There is nowhere to push. Yield and open to the you that has existed in the ages.
Are you willing to feel how deeply loved you are? For just a few minutes, deny the distractions of daily happenings and circumstances, and be still in the eternity of the moment. Through your breath, return to the intimate kiss that a grounded presence brings.
When you chase the complex, you create fancy structures to explain why your life is the way it is. Your current life, accepted as it is, will guide you to the insights you need. It is almost too simple. Everyone in your life, you’ve seen before. Family and ancestor healing shows up with the current actors on your stage.
Love yourself and love others. Love opens doors shut firmly in your face. Love fiercely protects you from harm.
You don’t have to wait until meeting a sage on a mountain top, or until uncovering past life complexities to begin powerful self-love. Sure, it is very interesting information. But a continued daily choice to love will align you with your grandest destiny.
Breaking yourself into parts and analyzing each fragment will only lead to some good intellectual intercourse.
We deny the simple: self-love. It’s too much work. It puts the responsibility for our happiness within our own hands. With 100% compassionate ownership over your feelings, you regain your power – the ability to respond. The next discovery or new information that you “must have” to set yourself free is intriguing. However, it is within you already. Daily practice of self-love, forgiveness, loving others, and allowing people to love you is freedom.
Empathy is standing in the pit while holding a vision of someone’s wholeness. The ability to be empathetic is founded on your own ability to witness your craziness without losing the vision. The vision or observer self is the you that is fully you. The you that contains the cosmos, yet also your petty thoughts. The vision or observer self is Love. Not the love that is the opposite of hate or mushy romantic love, but the Love that contains hate, joy, fear, and sadness.
Love that is omnipresent, omnipotent, and raises the condition or circumstance to the vibration of your awareness.
Your observer self, or ability to hold vision, means feeling your feelings without a story, and watching your thoughts. This simple self-love can shift great darkness. Your self-love changes your life and others. Your willingness to love yourself in this moment, as you are, can be too scary. This kind of love requires you to shed beliefs about your life, and your opinions about others. Those opinions and beliefs are security blankets. Some would rather be told all the things that are wrong with them, be diagnosed, or given complex spiritual solutions than practice daily self-love.
Even with all this, complexity is not wrong. We will turn over every rock before we will look within. In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy needed the journey to realize the shoes were on her feet already. Intentional complexity has its place. On a few occasions I have intentionally used complexity in sessions to distract student’s minds long enough for self-love to “slip” in.
Your beauty and magnificence is beyond words. Given permission, it fills the crevices of your mind, leaving no space for the committees of “not enough-ness” chattering in your brain. Rather than share an irritation or pain with another, share how beautiful, how amazing, how utterly precious they truly are. Character defects don’t ever go away. You just lose your identification with them. Why spend so much time trying to “fix” them? When I cannot begin to describe how precious you are, why would I waste my time telling you what is wrong? What is right with you bellows loudly through my bones. The best is yet to come. Deny the distractions, for even a moment. Give your attention over to the incredible beauty within that can only be set free by you. I love you.
People say they feel like I see through them. It is interesting how in loving our own crazy, we powerfully shift others into who Creation intended them to be. My sister and I went to a gathering where everyone practiced daily meditation and self-love. As people looked at us, we felt like they were looking through us, and in fact, they were. Through their own self-love, they were seeing beyond our mentally created stories about ourselves. Later that night we walked in a grocery store, noting how no one really “saw” us and sadly how this felt more “normal”.
Don’t give up. Happiness takes daily inward work, and the more you practice being still, feeling, and observing, the more it becomes a way of being. We also can’t do it alone. We all need help. Receiving help is wise, not weak, because we are one. Love created you, and it is this omnipotent Love that you remain, independent of what you do or believe. You are precious, even when you forget you are. We all forget. Once you begin a daily practice of self-love, you will notice omnipotent Love filling every aspect of your life.

~Barbra White


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