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Quick Tips that May Spark the Baby Maker Process

There is, you may say, a widely spread myth that around this time of year more babies are produced than during your average summer. Why you might ask? Well, according to legend, the cold, chilly winters seem to produce sparks of love in our hearts and the urge to get warm. But what if you are having a hard time in the fertility department and are looking for something new to try? Below are some quick metaphysical ways that may help to spark the baby maker in you and get it rocking and rolling!

· One of the most widely known myths I have heard in recent years for producing pregnancy is the herb anise, or some just go straight for the black licorice. Let’s just say it helps everything stick and therefore gives you a better chance of conceiving.

· Have both you and your partner carry the stone Carnelian on you. Each day, place it in your pocket–make sure both of you carry the stone on you all day. At night when you go to sleep, place both stones together on a bedside table or dresser, then start the process all over again the next day until you conceive. Carnelian is said to have a strong passionate energy that may help promote conception.

· Sometimes we have a hard time conceiving due to stress, so try chamomile or lavender tea to soothe the nerves, body and stomach.

· Hormonal issues can sometimes be the biggest problem in conception. Try carrying a Rainbow Moonstone on you. It is better if worn, but you can carry a small stone in the pocket. Rainbow Moonstone is well known for being a highly feminine stone and can help both with fertility and stabilizing those hormones.

· Shiva Lingams are also a wonderful stone to carry on you to possibly produce fertility. They can be rare but they do promote both masculine and feminine energy and resemble most often an egg.

· One of my most popular recommendations for fertility is Rose Quartz, because often we forget that fertility and baby making should be done out of love. Don’t let it become a job or frustrating. Instead, allow the natural love between you and your partner to flow, and rose quartz can help bring that to the surface.

· Aromatherapy can be helpful to create “the mood” and bring some passion to the bedroom. Try dragon’s blood oil, essence or a candle to help get the energy flowing.

· Lastly, colored candles can help promote fertility. Fertility candles can come in all shapes and sizes but I recommend for those who may have it lying around the house, the color red and/or candles with an apple scent.

**Writer’s Note: These tips are based on holistic and metaphysical concepts, are not guaranteed to produce fertility or conception, and may or may not help. Please do not replace your medical care with these concepts. Always consult professional medical care first!

By Courtney Overfield,
Owner of Divine Temperance & Host of Unveiling the Psychic Truth on Body Mind Spirit Radio


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