Spiritual Astrology The Cosmic Dance for 2015


Astrology is vast because it is our inter-relationship with Cosmos but it’s also very personal because it puts things into perspective. When we gaze out at a starry night and know that planets and stars are being born millions of light years away, we realize we are tiny in comparison. The study of the cosmos keeps our egos in check! The more we study astrology, the more it keeps us sane and detached about all the crazy and wonderful things that happen. We are, after all, just specks of cosmic dust. But we’re important too because we’re also sparks of the Divine.

Spiritual Astrology, also known as Evolutionary or Karmic Astrology, is a branch of Western Astrology. It is different from conventional astrology in that it is not primarily preoccupied with you, the personality, but instead puts you — the higher you, the real you — front and center. It views your natal chart not in ego terms but in spiritual terms, and is concerned with the evolution of you, the soul, through the lifetimes.

Life is not just a series of haphazard events and then we die. It is a journey of the soul through evolution. Spiritual astrology provides us with a guidebook for our journey through the lifetimes, and it takes us forward into our future as well as back into our past.

Let us go on a journey together back before you were born. You are on the other realms awaiting rebirth. You are waiting for the exact moment for the planets to be aligned in a certain way for your karma to be worked out in this, your next life. Your higher self has seen that, although you did well in many ways, you still have lessons to learn. It is a fascinating time awaiting rebirth. Your higher self knows that, however idyllic or not your life is on the subtle realms you are now leaving, this physical plane is where the real learning takes place.

This is especially true now, as this time in our history is an extremely significant period for us and the world. The cosmic symphony of planetary energies is urging us to grow and evolve now more than ever before. Why? Because the prophecies, predictions, and planets all indicate that we are in a time of great change.

This period of global change is the Age of Aquarius. The Astrological Ages represent changes of consciousness and each lasts about 2,150 years. There are many theories about the actual beginning of the Age of Aquarius because the cusp (meaning edge or beginning of a change) lasts for over one hundred years. However, this Aquarian Age has begun, and seeds of a collective consciousness shift associated with Aquarius are already emerging. We see revolution; revelation; a blending of science and spirituality; space exploration; and a slowly developing consciousness of Oneness.

Within these long cycles of the Ages, are the cycles of the planets, which also bring opportunities for evolution through their graceful cosmic dance. These cycles vary in length– the fastest, the Moon, and the slowest, Pluto.

As 2015 begins, we’re in the middle of a powerful aspect, or relationship, between two of the three Outer Planets, Uranus and Pluto. Both of these planets signify change: Uranus – sudden and unexpected; Pluto – deep and transformative. This particular aspect between these planets of change is called a square. This difficult square has lasted from mid-2012 and will culminate this year in March 2015, with seven exact hits throughout this period. This is bringing intense personal and global pressure for change. The more we resist this planetary energy, the more difficult we will find the process of transformation that is taking place at a very deep level.

The slow-moving Outer Planets influence an entire generation. Their power influences the way the world thinks through events that move us from our usual way of being and thinking. This can happen through natural disasters, such as earthquakes, and also through intense cultural and societal events. A similar Uranus-Pluto aspect took place in the 1960s when we witnessed extreme changes that shaped consciousness forward into the future. The changes we are witnessing now and through March 2015 are a continuation of changes that began at this time.

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Chrissie Blaze


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