Using Crystals to Attract Love


Crystals work via pressure and heat. When either are applied, the crystal emits energy — even gravity is enough pressure to excite a crystals molecules.

Working with healing crystal arrays can be easy and convenient. Every time you think of the healing crystal array you’ve created, the crystals amplify your intention. For example, if you want stones to help attract love, just having the healing crystal array set up is more than enough effort needed to allow the crystals to amplify your desires.

Some crystals that can be beneficial for helping us attract a partner are rose quartz; it opens our heart chakra, bringing love to old wounds and helping us to be more loving toward ourselves and in turn more loving with others. Just carrying a rose quartz in your pocket can aid you in attracting a good partner.

Blue kyanite helps us attract like-minded people, as well as aiding us in our ascension process. Garnets warming, stimulating energies opens our base chakra helping us to make deeper connections with other people. Citrine is an excellent stone to use for any type of manifesting.

Jennifer VanderWal


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