Dealing With Brain Fatigue


The key to feeling better when you suffer from brain fog is eating moderate amounts of protein that contains some fats. Examples would be macadamia nuts, walnuts or pecans as well as avocados. One of the best fats for brain fatigue is coconut oil and coconut butter.

Both proteins and fats support the adrenals. These types of foods are a major energy source of slow burning brain food. You maintain sustained energy which would be similar to the example of burning a big chunk of wood to produce a nice slow even fire — whereas eating sugar products is like burning kindling wood. It lights up easily and burns out quickly.

This would give you zero endurance. To avoid brain fatigue eat small protein snacks every two hours which should stabilize your blood sugar. This will help you experience a feeling of well-being and mental balance.

Another great benefit that occurs when you eat good fats, is that a chemical signal is sent to your brain to slow down the movement of food out of your stomach, which results in your feeling full. This will also help if you would like to take off some pounds.

Lastly, fats also play a role in the formation of hormones which make you feel and look young. This is especially good for women who are past menopause.

Here is a recipe you can take with you as a snack during the day. Eat some every two hours for brain fatigue, and it is also good for weight loss.

Brain Defogger

1 1/2 cups of macadamia nuts
1/2 cup of walnuts
2 tablespoons of Tupelo Honey
(Tupelo honey won’t spike sugar)
Vanilla to taste

Put nuts through food processor. Next, add the tupelo honey. Roll into balls and cover with chopped nuts or shredded coconut . Store in the freezer and use as snacks.

~ Linda Solomon


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