There is ALWAYS a Way Out


There are times in our lives when we feel stuck and that there is no way out. These are often times when a major life event has occurred which alters the way in which we think, act, feel, live and worship. Mental health workers call this crisis or trauma. As a professional counselor, I spend most of my time responding to youth in crisis and doing my best to lovingly guide them through it. I am often complimented on my calm nature and presence with clients during crisis.

It is easy for us to “bow out of life” and become depressed or anxious. We engage in behaviors to numb the wounded psyche, such as drinking, using drugs, sex, gambling, etc…you can write the dirty laundry list yourself.

The truth is that when I began to follow the light within…the light of the Creator within me, did I begin to find my true path. How does one find their true path? It all begins with creating a sacred space for yourself, free of distractions, to facilitate a silent dialogue between you and the Creator. You see, addictive behaviors are not just about numbing the pain. Addictive behaviors surface as we struggle to call into remembrance the dream dreamt by our Higher Self to accelerate our reunification with our Creator.

When I think about my Divine Purpose, I reflect back to my early childhood when I felt invincible, unstoppable,
limitless and unique. If a child has a loving family, indeed, they tell the child how special he or she is and how they will grow up to do great things. If you told my parents that I was not a “Golden Child” you may have gotten slapped. When parents affirm their child’s uniqueness, they are not simply idealizing them, nor attempting to live vicariously through them. WE ARE SPECIAL BECAUSE WE ARE A THREAD IN THE FABRIC OF THE DIVINE QUILT. While no thread is greater than any other, one loosened thread can unravel the quilt. By discovering, accepting, and following our Divine Mission, we provide a loving example for others to do the same.

Reverend Jim Lee of Renaissance Unity in Warren, delivered a series of lectures last year about allowing our soul to be our pilot. If you know the Reverend, you know that the truth is never his prisoner. I recall his tale of a 60 year-old man who dissuaded himself from following his dream. Mimicking the old man, Reverend Lee said, “Jim, do you know how old I will be when I complete it.” Reverend Lee’s response was, “The same age that you will be if you don’t.” The congregation burst into laughter.

Reverend Lee is right; there is always an opportunity to alter your life path and follow your dream. There is ALWAYS a way out of the life that no longer serves the creation of our Highest Self. The question I have for you is this: If you stumble into a dark night of the soul, will you have the courage and faith to find your way back to daylight?

I was amazed at the courage of one of my former residential clients recovering from substance abuse. Jeremiah relapsed several times, but he never stopped trying to get clean. During one group, Jeremiah said, “No matter how far I fall into the pit, God has an extension ladder long enough to pull me out. I just have to remember to reach up and climb.”

Our Creator is always calling us back on the path, and will use any means necessary to bring us into union with our Highest Self. There is deep self-forgiveness if we surrender to this knowledge, especially once we realize that every success and mishap brings us closer to who we are. If you have seen the new movie, Wild, with Reese Witherspoon, or read Conversations with God, by Neale Donald Walsch, you will find more real-life examples of those who have learned this lesson.

Now, let me speak directly to you, my beloved. Chances are that if you are reading this article, you are coming into awareness of who you are and seeking to make your inner Ascension. I will briefly tell of how I can assist you through Spirit.

Spiritual Life Coaching is a novel process in that its purpose is to construct the new you, which includes your Divine Self. There are many types of life coaching with wonderful practitioners. I operate on the premise that Life Transformation is more sustainable when we allow Spirit to guide us. I seek to reach those who believe in a Higher Power but have no organized religion. While society brands them as heathens or pagans (in a derogatory sense), I call them believers.

I will integrate trans-personal, metaphysical, and universal spiritual practices to re-connect believers with Spirit. In re-connecting with Spirit, they can listen and gain instruction on how to serve with the gifts that they have received.

Every process is individual, as it is Spirit led. Nevertheless, these are the key elements involved:
o An initial consultation, interview and development of a spiritual treatment plan
o An integrative life path reading and assessment
o Instruction on spiritual laws and connecting to spirit
o Sessions with other metaphysical practitioners, who are written into their spiritual treatment plans
(sessions included within the package).

Virginia Mercury


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