Waiting on Love?


Your presence and light affect everyone around you. Even if conditions are tough, or there are critics in the
“peanut gallery” as you show up each day ready to deliver your soul’s unique signature, your life begins to shift. There is good waiting to be expressed in you. Right now, you have everything you need to live fully. Life is for you. Only your perceptions can be against you. What you say and do in every moment is your spiritual message to the world.You are the gift, waiting to be given.

Life’s beauty dances in your heart, waiting to be revealed. Are you waiting to fully live your life? If so, why are you waiting? Do you intentionally show up with your full presence every day? You are already doing the best you know in every moment. Compassion means “understanding you don’t understand” and then seeing others with the same understanding. I invite you to consider a couple of misunderstandings. These are reasons why at times, you hold yourself back.

1. You have equated more pleasure with holding back than expressing fully your authentic self.
2. You give for unconscious and unempowering reasons.

There is no greater joy than expressing the qualities of your authentic self. However, there were times when you expressed yourself authentically and that expression was met with criticism, being left, or an attack.
Because of this experience, your mind equates pain with your authentic expression.

Your authentic self is your passion, beauty, love, and creativity that is waiting to be delivered into the world. Your desire for some ‘thing’ (object, activity, etc.) is a misdirected internal yearning. What it really is…is a spiritual mandate for you to become more you, to birth your authentic self, and to walk the world in a new way. By growing inwardly and giving the gift that is you, you become aligned with the good that is waiting for you. When you equate your authentic expressions with pain, you short circuit your ability to move forward into the next version of your authentic self.

This makes it difficult to “Live on Purpose.” You sabotage your best efforts in an “attempt” to protect yourself from the pain.

Here are two brief examples:

“Carrie” remembered living passionately as an artist many years ago. No matter what she did, she couldn’t get herself to do the thing she loved — art. When we unwound the story, Carrie remembered that the last time she did art was before her husband left her. Carrie realized she had unconsciously associated art with being left. By reassociating joy and happiness with art and compassionately understanding her resistance, Carrie set herself free to express her creativity in her art.

Josh couldn’t lose weight. Together we discovered his mind had associated balanced eating with a loss of his mother’s love. When he turned away excess food, he felt he was losing his mom for the second time! When we cut the old energetic cords to his mother and gave Josh a new framework for experiencing his mom’s love, he was able to limit his food intake.

If you give for the sake of others you unintentionally feel like a martyr and believe that no one appreciates you.

If you give for yourself, you bolster your ego and feel separate from others.

If you give your full, beautiful, authentic self for the Sacred, for God, or for Love itself, you give in a more empowering way. When you express and give to honor the preciousness of life, you discover a space to receive the blessings of what you give.

When you give “to get” or from unconscious subtle beliefs such as, “I have to”, you deny the reciprocal flow of good that can happen in your life. Have you ever wondered why you give so much and get so little in return? If this is you, you may want to take a deep look within and admit any unconscious motivations. When you shift into more empowering intentions in your giving, you open a space to let Life love you. When you give solely to honor the sacred precious Life that you have been given, you uncover the incredible spiritual Being you already are.

You are a presence and a cosmic happening that has incredible potential and gifts. No one is to blame for your life. At any moment, you can give your excellence permission to express itself. You were created from the same energy as the sun, mountains, Jesus, animals, and fish. Bugs, lions, and humans are all produced from the same minerals and elements of the Earth. Change can happen in an instant. Don’t confuse the process as the healing. You are right where you need to be to begin living your fullest life now.

Every day, set the intention. Give yourself permission to express the incredible boundless Love that is in YOUR heart, and life can change. Some days you will see yourself hiding; depression and loneliness will be the “signal” that you are doing this. Notice these signals and ask for help; we can’t do the spiritual journey alone. Ask for help, you are never alone.

Your life is the Life of God. Meaning, you are the way in which Creation reveals Itself on the planet. You are a miracle. Don’t give up. You matter. I love you.

“We can practice to produce thoughts of compassion every day. Thinking is already action. Every compassionate thought bears your signature. It is your continuation.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

~ Barbra White


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