Benifits of Living Pure Spirit


Words cannot express the strong feeling residing within me to share the benefits of living each day seeing reality only through spirit. There, we discover messages and miracles in a wondrous atmosphere that allows us to experience a feeling of fulfillment in our lives. To accomplish most of this, we must always be grateful and give thanks everyday for our blessings. It’s important to focus only on what we have, not what we don’t have. For example, if your father passes away at a young age and your mother is still alive years later, be grateful that you still have her with you.

When we get upset, we have to immediately switch gears in our mind and think about or participate in a pleasant experience. For example, when babies cry, it’s wise to give them a toy or a treat to divert their attention. Consequently, they stop crying and forget their troubles. The same is true with us–when we divert our attention with a nice thought or experience, we become happier.

As a very spiritual person, I do not believe in birth or death. Many scientists have said that all matter and energy in the Universe stays the same. The parts are just assembled into new combinations. Energy can’t be born or die because it has no beginning or end, it just changes form. We, as soul, can reincarnate many times to learn spiritual lessons. The Law of Karma states that if you have a conflict with someone in one lifetime you will come back together in another lifetime to even the score.

It is important to note that life comes and goes in cycles. You will notice that some situations do repeat. For example, my first job assignment while in South Carolina, was located near my last job. I will never forget that before moving back to Michigan, I had parked within six feet from where I had parked on my first assignment, sixteen months earlier.

Seeing many events fall into place so perfectly, I believe that fate often plays a dominant role because things seem to be known ahead of time. Your astrology chart is also an accurate tool to see your future. My friend Robert Taylor once said, “When you go on vacation you make many stops along the way, but your final destination is where you are meant to be.” Free will is occasionally involved and things can change, but it seems to be the exception rather than the rule.

When you raise your vibration, it will let you get clearer guidance from your higher self which is vibrating at a higher level. This is achieved by being in nature, meditation, laughing and singing, affirmations, volunteering, stating your name and saying ‘I Love You’ while looking in a mirror. You will have a better life if you engage in these practices.

Most of us can agree that we all are very happy when we get what we ask for. In the past few years, while living pure spirit, most of my wishes have come about within minutes.

By Michele Novak Stemmer


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