Give Me That Green Baby!


Quick Tips That May Help Increase Your Prosperity

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner and tax season ahead of us, we tend to find ourselves thinking more and more about that pot of gold and how it would be wonderful to increase our personal prosperity and abundance.

Just remember that any manifestation requires work and you must be willing to put the effort in to achieve greater prosperity, whether it’s new job hunting, working hard for a promotion, taking a look at your finances, etc. I do ask, (on a personal note) that before you go manifesting that new job, be sure that you are not leaving someone else jobless. Below are some quick and easy tips that may help line those pockets and help you put some extra gold in your piggy bank.

Aventurine and Jade are the most common stones used that may bring extra money to your wallet. However, lodestone and Citrine may also help to promote wealth and prosperity. You can carry stones in your pocket or purse, but I recommend keeping stones near your green cash, instead of change. It may be better to see more twenty dollar bills than quarters.

Burning any green candle may work to bring in money, but some of my personal favorites are orange and yellow.
Orange can help manifest joy and positivity and yellow can help bring a boost in luck. Sometimes our financial situations have us feeling down, and we just need a boost of confidence to show us the next step within our careers.

Try carrying silver coins on you. It is an old myth that if you carry real silver currency, like some of our nickels, it may help promote prosperity. Also try using herbs — making your own personal blend or even rubbing something as simple as a little cinnamon oil on the wrists to give you confidence in an interview. Sprinkle prosperity herbs in your wallet. Your money may grow, but it will also smell great! Recommendations include: clove, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, allspice, etc.

A little piggy or elephant animal totem may help increase abundance. You can place one in the office at work, in your own private business or at home.

One of my favorite mantras is, “I will always have more than enough.” I never try to look at myself as broke. We all have financial difficulties but my goal by saying this mantra is reminding myself that I am the creator of my own wealth. Try it every day for at least a month. See if it may help you keep that positive upbeat attitude.

**Writer’s Note: These tips are based on holistic and metaphysical concepts, are not guaranteed to produce money, wealth or prosperity, and may or may not help. Please seek out a professional for any financial advice where applicable. Please be mindful of the others with any manifestation and my recommendations are not meant to be used to take from others. Please do not replace your medical care with any of these concepts. Always consult professional medical care first!

By Courtney Overfield


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