Into the Light


Have you ever had a spirit or ghost in your home, or a loved one who was not yet ready to go into the light?
In my over 30 years of practice being a psychic/medium counselor, these issues have come up thousands of times.

There are different ways to help rid your home of unwanted spirits. Many times they are harmless, sometimes just caught between time or space dimensions. When a spirit is caught in a time loop, they are not even aware of you or that their lives are even over. These spirits are very difficult to help move on. If you have a spirit lingering due to unfinished or unresolved karma, they sometimes respond well to different ceremonies to help guide them into the light.

When a loved one or someone you know personally has passed, you may be able to communicate with the spirit through a medium or through your own intuition or dreams, allowing the soul to move on. Many times, spirit just wants to share last thoughts or good-byes with you, or bring forth important information that they did not have a chance to relate to anyone before they passed.

First, you need to identify the soul that has passed. Next, you will have to identify what or if there are any messages they want to share. At this time, you will also find out whether this spirit wants to move into the light or remain on the earthly plane between dimensions. Not all spirits are ready to move into the light. Sometimes, they stay on the earthly plane to help loved ones, or wait for someone close to them to pass on so that they can be there to guide the way. You see this often with soulmate relationships.

In next month’s issue of Body Mind Spirit Guide, I will outline how to help a spirit move into the light.

In Gods Light, evolving at the speed of Love,

Wendy Powers


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