I Love You


The three nicest words in the world – I love you. Whenever you need healing for body, emotion, mind or spirit,
say them to yourself for powerful results!

Loving yourself is the foundation for wholeness, health and great relationships. I don’t mean this in a narcissistic way, but in a true spiritual sense. In my experience we only really love ourselves when we are connected with our own higher self and eternal true spirit. Self-love flows from there, as an unconditional stream of true consciousness. Unconditional love goes deep; it travels straight through all our judgment or fear of unworthiness. This is eternal love that flows from our higher self, embraces and awakens our inner core of truth and sees us, untainted by any negativity.

Within you is a unique facet of God – by whatever name you call that root of all life – it is the eternal truth that created this body and life. Human consciousness, bodies and souls are created as vehicles for that innate intelligence and truth. Disease, difficulties in life, loneliness — these are all messages to seek this presence within you. People often seek God from outside of their own self, through religions, relationships or nature. These are all good beginnings, but once you find your own facet of God within, you begin to evolve spiritually in a much more comprehensive way. There, you find a place to trust and a foundation on which to grow which is unique and perfect for you.

From this place of inner truth, you can heal your life with love. You can speak from your true loving heart to the places in your body or soul where you experience pain, sadness, loneliness or lack of any kind. Say, I love you to these places within you which don’t yet know your true self; not from your head alone, but from your deep feeling connection with God within your heart. When you do this, you open the door for your own facet of God to wake up within that part of body and soul. This initiates healing, maturing and spiritual growth in aspects of yourself that have been stuck and unable to change before.

Build a relationship between your eternal spirit, mind, emotions and body by becoming your own best friend and
self-advocate, your greatest love. Where you have experienced a lack of love from outside sources, give it to yourself. In your feelings and imagination, return to your childhood or times when you needed more love, courage, nurturing or strength. Allow your inner core of truth to pour love through your heart and mind to these places in your soul where you are still hurting, whether from many years ago or from a more recent event. Speak to yourself with the wisdom and courage you have gained since that time, let yourself know you will get through this and come to a better place.

When you feel afraid or self-judgmental, speak kindly and encourage yourself as you would someone you love, trust and value. You will be surprised how this helps you feel strong, confident and to behave in loving ways instead of becoming angry, defensive, or running away.

For your body, simply tell the places that hurt that you love them, from your heart, as though your heart and
voice were right there within the place that hurts. You may be amazed how this opens the door for healing of your body and the emotional and mental traumas that you are holding, which caused weakness to occur and disease to happen.

This kind of inner self-love creates a strong foundation for loving and serving others. The more you love yourself, the more fully you can love others. When loving another person, you should always love yourself just a little bit more. This allows your wellspring of love to flow from your abundance, rather than from your lack, so that what you are giving you truly have to give, rather than draining yourself. It also makes you feel safe to love others when you love yourself a little bit more. You know that while you prefer to have the loved one in your life, you will be okay if they are not there for some reason.

When you love yourself and your life, you attract love from others. When you don’t love yourself and your life it may be a barrier to receiving love from without. Love for yourself is the foundation for all good things you need to come to you.

Self-love is built on your relationship with your own true and eternal facet of God within. We could call that your Higher Self, or your Inner Wisdom, your Essence of Truth. All these terms are accurate. A seed of God is present within each created being. It exists within each cell of your body, within each element of your soul. The love we are talking about is unconditional love, it is not dependent on you being perfect or even good, it is simply an eternal fact which flows from the heart of God and exists within each spark of God throughout all of creation. You are worthy of love. Practice receiving it and giving it to yourself so that you can, in turn, experience wholeness, health, success and love in your life and relationships with others.

by Eve Wilson


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