An Oak Tree is Just an Acorn that Took a Stand


Standing in the fullness of your True Self does NOT mean taking a stand against anyone else. In fact, when you try to find your footing by opposing another, you lose ground, because what you judge and react to in another gets strengthened within you. Take a stand by giving full permission to your innate magnificence. The oak tree that you truly are includes some branches of fear or anger, yet it does not define the whole tree. You “take a stand” by knowing that every problem in your life is asking for you to birth a new way of being in the world. Meaning… every challenge in your life is an evolutionary call to become more yourself; the oak tree. Like the acorn, you have the full potential to be wise, beautiful, abundant and dynamic. If you take your attention off of conditions and circumstances long enough to look compassionately within, you will discover God/Love/Christ wanting to express.

Self compassion is the bridge from fear to love. Mind racing? Trouble sleeping? Irritated? Remember sweet angel, it is just fear. It is not the conditions that upset you, it is the meaning you give to them. You have a choice in how you see things. Self-compassion is the difference between thinking, “Everyone hates me!” and “This is an opportunity to learn forgiveness.”

#1 Notice what you focus on in the day.
#2 Notice what meaning you give to events.
#3 Notice what you decide to do.

Ask yourself, “Am I focusing on things that are life giving?” and “Am I focusing more on what Creation/Love/God thinks of me, verses people?” Life is ALWAYS for you if you are willing to see challenges as opportunities to grow. When you say, “I am willing to see this differently”, you gift yourself the support of Love/God.

In different contexts, all spiritual traditions teach the Divine is One. In marrying duality, a new awareness is born. Duality means believing anything can be separate from the omnipotent, omnipresence called, God. Fear is just a different expression of Love/God. In duality, we over-identify with thoughts and feelings. We believe we must control them to survive.

Surrendering (or feeling with non-judgment and non-reaction) these thoughts and feelings feels like a death. And in some way, it is — it’s a death of old perceptions. All spiritual births have a death. We are always letting go to who and what we truly are. Our process of becoming is a process of letting go.
The next miracle of YOU is waiting to be born. (For more info on this topic, read Why Self-Acceptance Is So Powerful or come to the next workshop).

In mental abstractions, duality seems confusing, something to figure out, a topic to theorize upon. Holding the paradox of duality in one’s heart is a process of witnessing, feeling, contemplating, and eventually a sweet yield (embodiment/wisdom). Never forget, all healing modalities are for surrendering to what is already there.

“First God, then intimacy…then the burn.” (Author Unknown)

The burn is the divine discontent you feel as you grow to embody the second coming of the Christ consciousness. Standing within your own spiritual expansion, you learn to compassionately witness the spiritual discontent of an ever-changing, emerging co-creative field that yearns to become more itself. Deepak Chopra once called happiness, “Divine Discontent”. Growth is scary, because it is a journey from the known to the unknown. Learning to journey through the unknown with compassion for fear gives you space for becoming a greater you.

Christ/Love/God happens through, in, and as people. It is not sacrilegious to say, “I am God” — it is sacrilegious to say, “I am not.” Deny what God has already given you, and you deny God. You are a magnificent creation of God, remembering what you already have!

An outside deity is not going to rescue humanity, we have been given everything already. A ray of sun has all the qualities of the sun already, it is not trying to get back to the sun. The incredible courage, discipline, and desire to know God as oneself is not a luxurious path. Accepting our humanity to know a greater Love is a day by day, and lifetime by lifetime, adventure.

The essential spiritual being you are is forever changing and expanding; yet already whole and fully present within each moment.

You would think that being in a somatic felt experience would separate you from other “bodies”. However, we can see from our war on our own bodies that we mistrust what is natural. For example, the control of natural processes through the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-bacterial drugs, anti-feeling drugs, invasive birthing processes, and social pressures to look thinner and younger. We currently approach the body and our feelings with distance and disgust. We approach the body with this desperate need to control because we are disconnected from our somatic awareness. This somatic separation confines our experiences and relationships to patterns of being either the master of or a victim to our world. In the battles of will and mental abstraction we never taste the sweet intimacy of life.

“The authentic rebel of Love would have to let himself be penetrated and broken open by love. This would be a devastating experience – devastating to the tidy brutalities of false self, but devastating also to the more subtle narcissism of the prevailing one-sided visions of enlightenment, which were themselves the result of an addiction to transcendence.” (Andrew Harvey, The Hope: A guide to Sacred Activism, 2009)

Theories about Love/God and talking about Love/God can only get us so far. Your felt experience roots you in the web of life. Your body is an access point to the divine, not just a means to an end. Your body is a connected and inclusive part within the divine fabric of all things.

Every point of control, worry, or suffering comes from forgetting Who We Are. When we put our connection to our True Self or God first, we align with the prospering power of the universe. All patterns of suffering come from forgetting God. Remembering we are God and we are LOVE, while we witness our human craziness, is important.

When you are suffering, ask yourself, “How have I forgotten who I am?”

All suffering comes when you forget the battle is already won. The miracle is done already. You are that miracle.

~ Barbra White


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