Prosperity: Consciousness Matters


Have you ever wondered how it is that for some people wealth and abundance seems to flow to them easily, effortlessly and constantly? Yet, many people struggle to meet their everyday needs or least are just getting by. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have what you want flow to you easily and effortlessly as well?

The difference is due to consciousness. Consciousness Matters. Universal Laws are in force for everyone on the planet. It doesn’t matter if you believe in them or not, they are working regardless of your beliefs. Believe it or not, the Law of Gravity says that if you leap off a tall building you are likely to go “SPLAT” when you hit the ground.

If you study those that have great wealth and abundance, a few things stand out. They have a vision and an utmost belief in themselves that they will achieve their vision no matter what. They are focused and keep their eye on the end result. Master Choa, the modern founder of Pranic Healing, calls it, Constancy of Aim and Effort.

I think most of us know this, so what’s the secret? The Universe is not what it seems. Society would have you believe that the cause of everything you see is outside of yourself, yet the exact opposite is true. What we see is an out picturing of what is going on within. You have heard me say it before, As Within; So Without. It works this way because the Universe at its core level is energy. You send out energy frequencies and those vibrations go forth seeking ‘like energy’, drawing more of the same to you. So if you are doing your affirmations and meditations day and night and talk continuously about how you will be when you get the funds you want, and you know in your heart’s desire you are worthy
of more abundance; then why does it not come?

Because Consciousness Matters.

One moment you are feeling excited, empowered and in a state of knowing, and the next you fret about paying your bills, worry about the next promotion, and begrudge how much money you pay in taxes. And now you begin to doubt yourself. Most people do not make the connection that there are other tapes playing in the background, other beliefs that are conflicting with your practices to create something different in your life. These are opposing energies and when two opposing energies come in contact with each other, it usually creates friction and chaos.

Here are three powerful steps to update your consciousness.

1. Reverse the script. Because we live in a material world, most people believe that once they have what they need, they can then do what they want and when they do what they want they will be happy. This is a Have-Do-Be flow (from Conversations With God, by Neal Walsch). Reversing the flow creates a new energy. Be-Do-Have. Be the energy of abundance. Feel it at the Soul level. How would it feel to be that? Make sure that what you desire is aligned with your Higher Self and then act on that. Through the Law of Attraction you will have what you desire.

2. Give gratitude. Instead of begrudging the bills you have to pay, give thanks for the money and the flow that comes to you so that you can pay your bills. When you give, the mind acknowledges that you had to have it in the first place to give it. Being grateful supports the “Being” aspect mentioned above.

3. Infuse what you do with love. When it comes time to do, do it with love and joy. Imbue everything with love. This step aligns energy with your Higher Soul and will create ease in your life because the Universe supports all that is love.

Remember those people we mentioned earlier who are wealthy? They know how to manifest wealth. They get that part. But many don’t get the part about being, giving gratitude and imbuing action with love. This is why they may manifest wealth yet many remain unhappy. This is why wealth and abundance alone cannot buy happiness.

You now have the secret for untold wealth and abundance, joy and happiness, health and well-being, peace and contentment. Now go forth and manifest the good, the holy and the beautiful.

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