Stop Taking Anti-oxidants and Make Your Own!


Did you know your body has the ability to produce more anti-oxidants than you can consume on a daily basis?
Are you aware that oxidative stress (caused by free radical damage) is the pre-cursor to 200 or more diseases?
What if you were able to fight free radicals at the rate of 1,000,000 per second, every second? Well, you can!
Our bodies have an incredible capability to produce more anti-oxidants to fight off oxidative stress when the right genes are activated.

Let us first explore what an anti-oxidant and free radical is. Have you ever cut open an apple and left it on the counter to see it eventually turn brown? How about when a banana goes from green, to yellow and then dark brown? This is oxidative stress and aging. The free radicals in the air are attacking and oxidizing the apple or the banana. A free radical is simply a molecule that is missing an electron, making it un-balanced. In order to try and become balanced, the free radical tries to steal an electron from your good healthy cells. Once stolen, the healthy cell becomes damaged or oxidized and turns into a new free-radical, causing a chain reaction in the body.

Anti-oxidants happen to be the molecule that heals free radicals. Anti-oxidants carry an extra electron which works by searching for opportunities to donate to free radical molecules who are in need. Once the free radical receives the extra electron, balance is restored, and it no longer tries to damage our healthy cells.

Our body has incredible powers of healing and fighting disease and sickness. As long as the body is not overrun with free radicals, we have the ability to fight off oxidative damage with the activation of the Nrf2 pathway. The Nrf2 is a master regulator, or a messenger, of the body’s anti-oxidant response as well as other survival genes. As we age, some of our cell’s survival tactics lose strength, and become less productive than when we were children. The Nrf2 becomes dormant and the body can no longer fight the oxidative stress as when we were younger.

So how do we manage this stress in our body? One method is with the proper foods. Good anti-oxidant nutrition from brightly colored fruits and vegetables is very helpful. Red, orange, green and purple fruits and vegetables in raw form carry high levels of anti-oxidants. Try to get a few servings of a wide variety every day. Other methods are vitamin supplements such as Vitamin C and E, however, it’s important that we carefully manage the dosage. Recent research shows that vitamin supplements in high doses can actually cause additional oxidative stress as well as other health related problems.

Are you looking to make more of your own anti-oxidants? Good news! We have new ways to activate our Nrf2 pathway and increase the production of our own anti-oxidants. Many pharmaceutical companies are working to develop drugs, yet research shows that our plant-based herbs can activate the anti-oxidant response even better. The combination of specific herbs in a patented blend, “P5X”, has the ability to increase our Nrf2 response 18X greater than any of these same herbs on their own.

So, consider the following to fighting oxidative stress and the aging of our bodies:
1. Consuming the proper amount of raw fruits and vegetables (10 servings or more) on a daily basis
2. Consider making and not taking anti-oxidants by activating your Nrf2 pathway. Studies in peer reviewed published reports show that the supplement “P5X” will decrease your body’s oxidative stress by an average of 40% in 30 days or less.
3. Exercise on a regular basis to increase the body’s anti-oxidant systems
4. Avoid “Mega” doses of anti-oxidant supplements

David Sherman


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