Your Own Inner Wisdom


Do you know that one of the biggest sources of wisdom is your Self? Yes, when you are in connection with your True Self, your inner Self, you have a direct link with the Creator, Source of All. When you are in connection with your inner Self, there is no need to go anywhere else for wisdom and guidance, for that wisdom and guidance is directly from our Source and has our best interests at heart.

There is no trick to connecting with Source. All that is required is the openness, the allowing and intention, while having determination, persistence and dedication … taking the time and self-training to connect with your inner Self, also called your Higher Self or True Self, whatever you choose to call it; it’s that radiant inner light that is within us all and connects us to Source and to each other. And, we all know that our Creator is the Source of all love, light, truth. This includes wisdom, which flows from this knowing.

Spiritual wisdom is true wisdom. We have all experienced this “knowing” before, and know the feeling and results when we listen and follow its instructions … and when we don’t. This spiritual wisdom comes from Source and through this spiritual wisdom, we are allowed the choice to act for our best spiritual interests. These interests may not look like the interests of society, so sometimes faith in this inner knowing, this spiritual wisdom, is needed when your message looks different from your mother’s, father’s… anyone’s. This wise message is for you on your journey, not someone else’s. So, have faith and courage in following your wisdom given to you by the Creator.

We have great examples of those who have done great things listening within; the Christ, Buddha, Martin Luther King among others. And, many whose lives may seem “small” or “unimportant”, yet each and every one is important in the Creator’s grand design. We are not all brain cells, some of us are fingernail cells, important for the functioning of the whole, yet taken for granted until they are no more and things are off-kilter.

Each person’s wisdom given to them is for them. Admittedly, some train to “hear” the wisdom to help others when those others are unable or not willing to listen for some reason. That is still their path for that moment. So, if you find it difficult to decipher the wisdom given to you, go seek guidance from someone trained to guide you to your own knowing.

That being said, being open and willing, having the intention, is usually the first step to connecting with your inner Self so that you can allow yourself to receive the information. Having the desire to live being an expression of the Creator’s wisdom is another. For having spiritual wisdom is based in love; intellectual /societal information is based in fear. Wisdom based in love allows us to act and grow toward our self-realization, while reaction based in fear is just survival, being safe where you are at. Being safe where you are at is like living your life standing on the same square of sidewalk asleep, while the universe passes you by.

There are some steps you can take to start listening to and acting from Source’s wisdom for you. The first step is to just have the desire to live a spiritual lifestyle based on Source’s wisdom and love. This allows an opening within and let’s your subconscious mind, and your Higher Self, be alerted for change, transformation. We are given free will and using this will can allow an opening to Source, a connection.

It can be very helpful too, and this is the second step you can take, meditate. Yes, many people through the ages have suggested meditation as a way of going within. There is a reason why it is still around … it works. It is the most surefire way I know to learn to connect with Source. There are many other benefits to meditation like self-control, relaxation, calming the mind. You can learn more by reading sources such as Body Mind Spirit Guide, books and even on the internet. Heck, Oprah and Deepak Chopra have meditations you can sign up for on-line. Meditation also has physical and emotional benefits along with mental and spiritual benefits.

Through meditation, you develop a path of connection with your Higher Self, and this path, just like any path, becomes easier and faster to navigate the more you go along it. So, eventually, you can even “get there” to that peaceful, no-mind place in a breath or two. This is a great advantage to being in the moment; to listen and follow through on the wisdom given to you.

Now we get to step three. Most of us react to situations and repeat patterns in our subconscious mind over and over. When you can feel that “unease” and BREATHE, you can STOP the pattern, LISTEN to the wisdom, and then ACT with love, for true wisdom, as discussed, is based in love. This can change your life; reacting from spiritual knowing instead of reacting from patterns in the intellect, developed from fear (and defenses developed in childhood).

Step four would then be to be mindful of the pattern you just woke up to, and use the wisdom to continue to transform your patterns of reacting to those of being, living and acting in the moment with love and wisdom from Source as your guides, allowing you to grow spiritually towards self-realization.

May these steps assist you in your desire for guidance from your own inner wisdom. You may find things that are of particular help to you. If you would like to share these, please feel free to email me at They may be of benefit to others. Have fun on your path, wisdom seeker!

~ Miche Lame’


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