Naturopath Intern/Externship Clinic 2015


32819616_medisquaredtlThe following schedule is available for those who wish to make an appointment with our senior Naturopath Interns for health services. Clinics usually fill quickly, and a waiting list may be in place for specific clinic times.

Please call in advance : 734-426-7794 or 734-769-7794. Email: [email protected]

Clients may plan for appointments to last 30-45 minutes depending upon the service. Appointments are made between 1230 and 330, with the clinic closing at 4 p.m. Herbal Pharmacy/Dispensary always open during clinic, providing formulations and supplies. Notes: Follow up appointments may be made within or outside of this schedule.

Naturopath Interns: Karla Barker Snyder, Any Rogers, Grace Toth
Clinic and Apothecary Assistants: First Year Naturopath class participants
Administrative Staff:Mary Light,ND, MH & Associates. Ms. Light available by appointment

The Clinic operates on a stated donation fee basis- we designate these fees as donations because they are well below professional rates, and the school uses all donations to improve the clinic by purchasing new and needed equipment, decorative items, and service items. Cash is preferable as a donation. Online payment is an option. (No tips.)

Dietary, Herbal, Digestive, and Bodywork therapies are available in addition to featured services


Iris Reading, Flower Essence Consults, Reflexology ($20.)

Same, and include Castor Oil Pack in the above ($20.)

APR 14/15
Energy Balancing, Iris Reading, Flower Essences, Reflexology ($20.)
Abdominal or Body System Castor Oil Pack Treatment ($20.)
Aromatic Compresses- Bodywork Session (45 min) ($30.)

MAY 21/22
Dietary Consult. Brief Naturopathic Health Consult (45 min) ($30.)
Reflexology, Iris Constitution Reading, Energy Balancing ($20.)

JUNE 23/24
Dietary Consult. Brief Naturopathic Health Consult (45 min) ($35.)
Reflexology, Iris Constitution Reading, Energy Balancing ($20.)
Hydrotherapy Treatment for Muscles, Nervous System ($20.)

OPPORTUNITY: Our interns are interested in connecting with participants for research projects on Migraines and also for Parasite Cleanses. Our Interns and Flower Essence Externs are interested in connecting with participants who will wish to receive a Flower Essences test and consult, as well as the home remedy. NSHA appreciates our connection with the community for health services.

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