More Cancer Patients Survive When Treatment Is Personalized


Integrative Cancer Strategist to Speak at the Waller Wellness Center

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJhAAAAJGMzMjI2ZDUxLTE2ZjctNDAyNC1hYTJjLWQ3MDM3NDlkNDM5ZQRochester Hills, MI — March 13, 2015 — Personalized cancer care can make all the difference in whether or not a cancer patient survives their disease, according to Mark Roby, physician assistant and naturopath. Roby’s statement comes from research and his own experience, having been diagnosed in 2002 with one of the rarest forms of cancer in the world.

Told there was no treatment available, Roby was given a short time to live. Instead of accepting his fate, he made it his mission to survive. He went on a quest to learn all he could about his tumor and the latest options available to him. Roby traveled across the United States gathering multiple opinions from some of the top cancer doctors and consulted with experts around the world in his search for treatments that would extend his life. Along the way, he discovered there are many approaches available to cancer patients that are seldom offered through standard care protocols.

Roby will speak on the topic of Cancer Survival 101 (personalized cancer care) at 1 p.m. on April 18 at the Waller Wellness Center, located at 1854 W. Auburn, Suite 400 in Rochester Hills. He’ll share his personal story of survival, and talk about the latest cutting-edge medicine and integrative treatment options, such as tumor vaccines, chemosensitivity testing and molecular tumor profiling.

Roby is the newest member of the Waller Wellness Center. Waller Wellness is a integrative medicine office that takes a comprehensive, patient-centered approach, with an emphasis on anti-aging and functional medicine. Available for consultations, Roby specializes in helping cancer patients find the best individualized options available for their particular cancer.

Keeping meticulous notes throughout his cancer experience, Roby has also written a new book outlining the steps he took— from utilizing the latest in medical technology to mind-body techniques. Out this spring, “Lifelines to Cancer Survival” is both a message of hope and the first of its kind resource guide to help cancer patients take charge of their own health and increase their survival times.

Call 248-844-1414 to RSVP for this free event. To find out more about the Waller Wellness Center, go to


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