Ascending Beyond Thought Into Love


dreamstime_3816421Have you ever noticed your thoughts? Why would that even matter and what does that have to do with love? Actually, it has everything to do with creating a loving, joyful, peaceful life for you.

The average person has 50-70,000 thoughts per day. That’s about 35 to 48 thoughts per minute. The mind is unceasingly active. There is no space between thoughts. With all this thinking going on, what chance is there for the heart to open and breathe? The active mind wears on us and tires us. It keeps us awake at night, filters our reality and at one level is the creator of our experience.

We Have Shut Out What Is True

This mind is a conditioned mind. It is the voice of parents, teachers, family, culture, religion and our surroundings. We have shut out that which is really true in place of what others, through conditioning, have told us what is true. Life becomes dull and routine as we are blocked by our thinking from the abundance that is our birthright.

Many people interpret events and what happens to them according to their conditioned mind; therefore, their mind is always creating their reality. Unfortunately, it is the same reality played over and over again because events are always interpreted according to the way the mind is conditioned to filter events. In such instances, you cannot help yourself. As long as the mind tapes keep playing, there is little hope for you to create an improved life experience. Even if you want to change, you find you are stuck. Hopelessness descends. Depression sets in. You can’t find a way out. What can you do?

Letting Go of Thought

You must stop the incessant flow of thought. This is perhaps one of if not the most important thing to do if you wish to expand your consciousness, evolve your soul and step into a new life. We call this state of being Heaven on Earth. In fact, every New Age therapy and teaching, ancient esoteric teaching and even religious doctrine seeks at some level to do this one thing. Let go of the mind and come into the heart.

The way to go beyond thought is to simply be there as the witness. Acting on the thought or telling it to go away will not work as you are actually adding energy to it. What you resist persists. Just be with it. Acknowledge it. Love it.
As much as possible be aware of what your mind is saying.

This is the way of the heart.

No one can do this for you. It is up to you to invoke free will and choose differently. Only you can uplift your consciousness and evolve your soul.

Begin to affirm “I am not my thoughts” and then take a conscious breath. Focusing on the breath does three things:

1. It takes the mind off thought.

2. It puts you in the present moment where conditioned thought cannot exist.

3. It adds space between thoughts.

dreamstime_3816421Ascension Breathing Expands Consciousness

It would be a mistake to take the simple act of conscious breathing for granted. It has the power to change worlds, especially your world. As you progress in Ascension Breathing, there will be a quickening as you access ever more power. Consciousness will expand. As it expands, it builds on itself. Your connection to Source deepens, energizes and inspires you. You begin to realize “I really am something greater than my mind.” You no longer react to events. You ascend above thought and begin to discern the truth; your truth. You begin to access the totality of consciousness and come into a state of awe. You begin to love and forgive yourself and recognize that love is in play everywhere. As you love more, more love comes into your life in all sorts of ways. Peace washes over you.

You sleep better, your relationships improve, you get sick less often, you are more playful, have more fun, smiles suddenly appear on your lips for no good reason. You understand you do not need a reason. For you are love itself and love needs no reason to smile because love is joy. And for the first time you realize love has been there all along, you just hid it with a busy mind. May love be with you.

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