A Balance For Digestive Health – Behind Depression


– The pH Factor Behind Depression And Anxiety

Our bodies are a magnificence of a complex and delicate balance. For example, our blood desires very specific levels that the body strives to maintain with precision which is what is referred to as, “homeostasis.”

Likewise, our digestion is also a delicate balance which can be measured on a pH scale. The letters pH stand for potential hydrogen. Withoutdreamstime_3560974 getting into too much chemistry, the pH scale is basically made up of two sides. On one end of the spectrum there is acid and on the other is alkaline. The foods we eat on a regular basis and the way our body processes them dictates where we fall on the scale. Most of us tend to lie more on the acidic side with more consumption of acid forming foods such as meat and dairy as well as carbohydrates such as sugars and flours.

Alkaline forming foods would be things such as herbs, fruits and vegetables. Our ideal pH range lies between 6.3 to 6.7. Anything below 6.3 becomes increasingly acidic as the number gets lower, and conversely anything that rises above 6.7 indicates more alkalinity. Our pH is directly correlated to digestive health and therefore maintaining an overall healthy diet is crucial to staying balanced.

Where we fall on the pH scale can have an affect on our moods and emotions as well. When there is a dramatic variance from the normal range in either direction, it can play a significant role in how we feel and conduct our everyday lives.

When the range falls to the extreme side of acidity it can cause a person to be more subject to depression. Conversely, when a person becomes extremely alkaline, it can create a person to be in a state of anxiety.

Maintaining a healthy diet has countless and far reaching consequences in so many areas in our lives. Making healthy food choices on a day to day basis, taking enzymes with meals and drinking adequate amounts of water can lead to a happier and more balanced life.

Karyn Choate


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