Life Is For You


h Life cannot contradict its own nature…the cells of your body seek to replicate, plants yearn for growth, and the universe is expanding. There is an energy, or force, that is happening in your body, nature, and all of life. The Mud in your life (the challenges and emotional pain), is fertile soil that is needed to bring forward the next expression of your Soul. Life is always seeking to become more itself…in you, through you, and as you.

Personally and professionally, I had a couple of challenging weeks. This triggered me into temporarily forgetting Life is for me. After some time in nature and contemplation, I realized I had been viewing the past weeks with faulty perception. This realization re-inspired me into greater embodied Love and reminded me of why we forget that Creation is conspiring for our good. I pray that the thoughts below will help you to remember how loved you truly are.

Why do we forget the pulsating and thriving flow of Life?

We try to go faster than the pace of Life. Our society and personal demands are at an unnatural and frenzied pace. Because we do not give ourselves time and space to be still and let our nervous systems reset, our minds become filled with text messages, other people’s thoughts, to-do lists, etc. If we slow down for even 20 minutes a day, we can reconnect into the Life force that is cheering us on.

We suffer when we don’t “get our way” and resist “what is”.

We want “the things we want” to be right here and right now. If they don’t happen, we either blame ourselves (feeling that we lack something) or we blame Life. I encourage you to invite a greater trust of the timing within your life by controlling what you can:

a. Your willingness to learn and grow into greater Love and happiness within.
b. Your intentions for living.

Practice a and b, and then let go. When you are willing to come into greater embodied Love and are clear on your personal motivations, you align with the constantly happening good within your life.

For example, when a person schedules a mentoring session, this strongly sets an intent to realize their True Self. Hundreds of times, I’ve seen Life line-up the perfect situation, or information, to support a person’s healing. Here are some recent happenings:

– On the morning of a session, a book fell from a shelf on exactly the topic the client was struggling with.
– During a session, a client let go of anger with a friend. The friend called right after the session, saying the very healing words the client had spoken to herself.
– A client had an argument with his loved one hours before a session. The argument brought forth the core of the fear which was preventing him from taking action on his dreams.

Law of Attraction and/or religious “Santa Claus God”

Unfortunately, both the law of attraction and religion promote a concept that “good things happen to good people, and bad things to bad people.” People from the law of attraction camp may say, “I drew this in.” A religious person may say, “I must not be in God’s favor.” I invite you to accept neither concept and open to a broader understanding of God and Life’s love for you.

Life has some predetermined situations. At the same time, you have free will choice. This balanced and non-dualistic view provides resilience within a tragedy or any situation you ‘do not want’. This view means understanding that there are certain life events that are going to happen no matter what positive things you think, or what techniques you use in prayer. At the same time, you choose how you show up each day. You have a choice to be aligned with the good that is already there. Another way of saying this is:

“You are loved not because you are good, it is because God is good”
– Richard Rhor, Immortal Diamond

You are loved no matter what you do, say, or accomplish. You are love.

You have the free will choice to see the good that is within you. You are created in God’s image, not as hands or feet, but as the very essence of the Cosmos. How can Life be punishing you? You will only believe life is punishing you if you have forgotten who you truly are. Life is not against you. I know Life can be challenging; it’s meant to be. Just as it takes pressurized coal to make a diamond, Life will help you to birth your True Self through the Mud (challenges and emotional pain.) Struggles and inner pain are fertilizer to realizing the Magnificence you are, God Is, and Life Is. Deny the pain, or hold limiting beliefs that the Mud is somehow your fault (or someone else’s) and you will create a blinder to what Life is seeking to birth within you.

You are not your past, but the wisdom gained from it.

You have a choice to see the good and growth that came from your past. Or, you can use the past to justify not opening up to Life and/or following through on daily baby steps to change. It doesn’t take much effort to be a cynic; this is mental laziness. It does, however, take great courage to love yourself and open to Life/Love every day.

Your healing affects your life, family, and community.

Healing means to remember your wholeness amidst the Mud. At my last retreat I asked, “What gives you the courage to love yourself?” I found this question pure genius. When the people were facing the parts of themselves they wanted to hide, or emotions they wanted to push back down, I saw them drawing on their previous answer. For me, I show up each day because I know my loved self helps the animals, Earth and world crisis. I know that my light and living example is the number one greatest way to teach others. Maybe for you, the courage to love yourself will come from your children, your parents, starving children, or a partner.

Getting caught in other people’s “stuff”.

Finally, I leave you with this funny story. A 106 year-old man was asked, “Why are you so happy?” He said, “In the morning I tend to my own business, and let others business be theirs. And at the end of the day, I tend to my own business, and let others business be theirs!” You have no control over the emotions or choices of others. However in loving yourself, and showing up for your life, you powerfully affect everyone around you. Remember that life is always working on your behalf to become more you. Be willing and open to the good that is constantly seeking to be expressed through you and as you! Let your perfect and imperfect self be seen, and a greater True Self will emerge from this integrated expression.

Barbra White


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