Into the Light, Part II


unnamed(How to help a spirit move into the light)

When we pass on, we don’t always go into the light; I know this because of my own death experience in 1986. Personally, my experience at first upset me because I did not see a tunnel filled with loving light. Instead, I floated to the ceiling of my hospital room where three glowing orbs hovered, not letting me move upward out of the room. The Orbs then communicated a great deal of information, then sent me back into my dead body. When I opened my eyes, my doctor stood over me surprised, as he had already called my time of death. This is a bit of a complicated and lengthy story to share in this short article, but I am in the process of writing a book that will be out sometime later this year. Sharing with you my personal experience in this article is to help you better understand that not only am I blessed as a psychic to see the dead, (mediumship) but I also experienced it first-hand.

Time loops:

There are souls that seem to be caught-up in time loops which may be just residual energy of the soul, and can mislead you into believing they are trapped and are re-running over and over again a segment of time –reliving an event usually just prior to their death. When I went to Gettysburg, PA, I saw Civil War soldiers running around fields, ducking behind sand bags, it was like watching a movie, but there is no way any of them knew I was there or could be helped into the light as their souls were not connected to the fathom energy left behind. Usually, the best way to help clear the fathom spirit is to smudge the area clearing the energy, much like you would smudge a home to clear the residual energy left behind by previous owners.

Caught between dimensions:

Souls can be caught in-between dimensions of time and space; this can happen when people have died in war, or by the hand of another or by an accident. Usually, they are trying to reach out to whoever will help them find their bodies or solve the circumstances of their death. As there is no time as we understand it in the spirit dimension, they can wander for years hoping to be found or heard. Often, we see these souls as ghosts — they can be in houses, prisons, fields, forests, buildings even on shores of lakes — it just depends on where they lost their lives.

Ghost hunting (I would prefer, Ghost awareness) has become very popular, and often the teams looking for these souls run into fathom spirits, such as those souls caught in a time loop, or real spirits needing to communicate their plight to someone. You know the difference immediately as they will actually try to communicate. You may hear them call out their name or cry out how they died. These souls will respond to direct communication through either a medium or someone who has no fear of them, and who will listen and translate the circumstance of their situation. After they feel that you received their message, they may move into the light. Always send them into the light with a prayer for their soul to be at peace.

Spirit transitions:

When we lose a loved one, whether it is to tragic death, natural causes or after they fought an illness for a while, they may feel a need to stay close to the loved ones they left behind. Sometimes souls may decide to stay behind and watch over their loved ones. Many of these spirits will wait until the one they were close to passes on, so that they can guide them into the light. Often you see this with soul mates. I have seen the spirit of children who had untimely deaths cling to the parents, trying to comfort them. They may find comfort living in the spirit dimension being around the family for many years before deciding to move on.

Remember that being in this spiritual dimension can be filled with love and happiness for them, as they enjoy the family’s experiences. Best to always reach out to these souls by talking with them and sending prayers every day, always surrounding them with love. Some just want to send you a message; when they feel you’ve received it, they may be ready to move into the light. You can help them by lighting a white candle and then ask them to move into the light, releasing their soul into the protection and love of God. Each situation is unique so you would have to design a special message or prayer as you send them into the light.

In Love & Light,

Wendy Powers, Psychic/Medium


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