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dreamstime_4449025 As I sit outside on this warm, lovely day, the birds singing, squirrels scampering, I am filled with a warm, expansive glow. This glow, this energy, is what I feel connects me to all the universe and our Creator. And, I call this energy, Love.

Love, life and truth are often how our Creator’s energy is expressed. These are eternal and so, are the only reality. Nothing else really exists. In the ancient texts, the Torah, Bible and many others, and also as pointed out in Course in Miracles, God made us in his/her image, and as God is Love, so are we. In fact, it could be said that love is the only real energy since only God, our Creator, exists. If only God exists, and God is love, then everything is love. Isn’t that amazing to know! That means that our true self is…Love!

So, as our true self is love, when we don’t act out of love, we are acting out of our ego, our false self with which we identify with our worldly view, our persona and defenses, that we have developed in this lifetime, and perhaps crossed over from others. When our thoughts are anything but love, we are usually in fear, ego, and as we are made in the image/energy of our Creator, our thoughts create our world. Yes, even when you think they are harmless, thoughts are energy and create as everything is made from energy.

As you think your thoughts, you create your world. When you think you are angry, you cannot be connected with your
true self, as your true self is love, and anything else does not exist. So, you tell yourself you feel angry; this is at variance with who you truly are and so a conflicted world is seen and experienced by you. What you think, becomes a hologram that you experience as life. And, only from your point of view. That’s why when we have 10 different people experiencing an event, we can get 10 different experiences reported. Everyone experiences their life from their point of view, stemming from what their thoughts, emotions and energy create.

When you are coming from love, all is possible. Your thoughts are actually images you create. Connect with your inner love, your true self, and your thoughts create a loving world, so that’s what you experience. All right you say, but what if something happens that you think is “bad”? And, what if you feel you are justified in being unforgiving? Then, my dear, you are not in connection with your true self. With love, all is forgiven. As the only reality is that that is eternal, only our Creator is real. Therefore, only love, light and truth is real. As that is true, all our experiences are unreal that are not loving. Let them go. Allow yourself to forgive from love. Choose to forgive from love. That’s right, just let anything unloving go. Release them for the unreal thought/experiences they are.

It is great to remember that all our experiences happen for us, not to us. That means that, as Course in Miracles says, all events, all experiences are holy encounters that we can, when looked at from our true self – love, learn from for our own growth. So, when you have an experience, stop, take a deep breath, connect with your true self and then act from your inner guide, which means you will act from love. Later, you can choose to go within, perhaps meditate or write in a journal, maybe even speak with someone you trust that has some wisdom and the ability to listen to their Higher/True Self… a friend, mentor, learned spiritual advisor or therapist, and discover what this experience shows that you can work through for your self-realization.

You can choose to be determined to see and experience things differently…. through love. Making the decision to be mindful of when you are feeling or acting out of anything besides love is the first step towards a loving experience of life. For the Law of Attraction says: Like attracts like. If you are having the energy of fear, anger, disappointment, guilt, or anything else of “negative” vibration, that is what you draw to yourself like a magnet. Likewise with love, happiness, compassion, joy, peace or anything else of “positive” vibration: you attract a life experience of that!

So, do your best to be mindful of the energy you are in: True Self/Love or False Self/Fear. I would suggest some steps: 1) upon awakening, think of 3 things to be deeply grateful for (make this a mindful thing, not rote) 2) set an hourly alarm and “check in” to your feelings, in the heart/soul, not the head/ego 3) keep a journal of your feelings and experiences, what you have learned from them. These steps can be helpful in assisting you to stop, breathe and act from love, escaping a negative experience by giving up negative or attacking thoughts.

Remember, love is expansive and eternal, real. Fear, anger and other negative feelings only create a cage, a trap of those experiences. Yes, you can “feel good” and “powerful” at the time, yet is not the true you and is limiting. Anything not of love, truth and light are unreal and created by you, not our Creator. You can choose to experience and think differently by choosing with your free will to connect with your True Self/Love within, creating and attracting a loving life to experience. You can choose to experience life differently…. with love.

So, go forth in Love… expand the happiness and love of our Creator and experience a loving life!

Miche Lame’


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