The Time is Now


13638380_ml“TIME is not running out, the TIME IS NOW!” This I said to Jethro, my beloved brother of flesh and bone, born on the Spring Equinox. He is apart of my soul group that I have known in many lifetimes. He is a modern-day knight and holy man in every way. His soul journey and his path has been one of a patriarch, protector, leader, and wise counselor. We have soul lessons in common and I had the privilege of learning through his experiences, as he set out into the world years before me.

The opportunity is now RIPE for Jethro to birth the vision that I AM has placed in his heart. While Jethro does not rush into any decision, he fears that if he takes too long that he will miss the opportunity. The beauty in this situation is that he can begin this path at another time. The question is whether or not he chooses to catch his golden goose now or leave it to wander a bit more. What Jethro is experiencing now is what I call, “The Stirring.” This is one step in the Awakening of the Divine Self.

The Void: You feel a void in your life and feel that you could be doing more or something else.

The Call: I AM calls you to align your desires, gifts, occupation, lifestyle, etc. with Divine Will. You will be asked to step out of your rational mind and be a vehicle in carrying out a piece of the Divine Will.

The Stirring: Spirit stirs your heart until you make your decision. You take the time to decide whether or not you will respond to the call. For many, this can be a period of confusion or unrest.

Responsibility: You recognize that it is your responsibility to answer the call.

Release: Just as blood flows in and out of the heart, you decide what you have to release and what you can carry to follow the “Fool’s Journey.” Noah built a ship and carried the genetic sequence of every man and beast, but released his pride at the expense of mockery. What will you sacrifice on the sojourn that only you were meant to travel?

The Leap: Like the Fool, you step off of the cliff. You fall but do not crash. Your angels and your guides plant you right where you need to be.

The Quickening: Spirit guides you to those people who are like you and share your vision. The quickening is a constant process.

The Initiation: This can be one test or a series of them. You face your worst fears, experience perceived setbacks, and may endure many hardships. If you run, you will just receive another test until you are forced to take a stand. However, rest assured that at the end of them, you will know who you are, what you stand for, and a frame of reference for dealing with challenges. You will also notice that your gifts have increased, or the revelation of hidden ones. Furthermore, with this process comes a new set of eyes through which you see the world.

The Mission: As Paul said, “We know in part and we prophesy in part, but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears” (1 Corinthians 13: 9-10). The Mission is not one revealed in its totality, but one phase at a time. If it were so, do you think that Abraham himself would have even began this journey? The Mission unfolds, piece-by-piece and evolves. This is the Spiral Dance. Even when it appears that we are going backwards, it’s really upwards and around. The wisdom that we acquire at every twist and bend is what helps us to evolve.

My Ring on the Spiral Dance: Out of obedience, I built Ray of Light and took on Virginia Mercury not knowing exactly what this would lead to. I just knew that I had to do it. Spirit just asked me to “Build it and they will come.” Now, Spirit keeps playing the Nirvana verses in my head, “Come, as you are…as a friend.” This is my Divine Mission, my passion and my tithe of time and talent. Therefore, this Spring of 2015, this time of GREAT CHANGE, come, so that I may serve. I am self-supported and justified through the Spirit of Mother/Father God who dwells within ALL OF US. Wherever you are at spiritually, whatever you have to offer, just come so that I may know you and know myself even more. I will share my two cents with you as a spiritual coach, a licensed professional counselor, an intuitive, or as a newly ordained, interfaith minister. If I cannot help you, I will send you to someone who can. Above all, bring the seeds that you wish to sow with LOVE. Selah. VM.

by Virginia Mercury


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