Water – Could this be the key to good health?


dreamstime_15247836We are in the midst of a health crisis. Many of our diets have taken a turn for the worse, depriving us of the necessary nutrients that support a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s battling cancer, chronic disease, or even the common cold, our diets rarely meet the nutritional standards our bodies need to thrive. But there is one component of our diet that can help us fight disease and gain better health, water. Not all water is the same; in fact, drinking the right kind of water can help balance our body’s pH levels, reduce our chances of degenerative disease and contribute to our overall wellness. If water plays such a significant role in maintaining our body’s health, isn’t it time we know what we are drinking?

So what kind of water are you drinking today? Bottled, tap, well, reverse osmosis (RO), distilled or spring water? Americans are fortunate to have many choices of water, but so many options bring additional concerns. Bottled water recently was shown to have over 24,500 chemicals in a research report out of Germany. Some of these chemicals are known endocrine disrupters. Distilled and RO waters in many cases remove the healthy minerals our bodies require, creating more acid overload to our tissues.

Are we in Acid Overload? Today, Americans feast on acid forming foods for an average of 70% of their food intake.
Some of these foods including beverages such as soda, flavored waters and even bottled waters, increase acidity levels in the body. Research also shows that when the body becomes acidic, the chances of disease increase significantly including diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Physicians have theorized that cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment, but can’t survive in an Oxygen rich Alkaline environment. Rebalancing our acid intake to more alkaline forming foods and avoiding highly acidic beverages such as soda and sports drinks could have a profound effect on our overall health.

Most of us would argue that water is water. Outside of the pH levels (the amount of oxygen versus the amount of acid)
it is also the STRUCTURE of our water that plays an important role in our health. Water derived from natural sources such as glacial and mountain streams have been shown to have a different structure than bottled or tap water. In fact, Ionized Alkaline water recreates and mimics the same structure found in glacial water. Some of the greatest benefits of this natural water structure is that it allows for the easy removal of acidic waste from our cells and increases hydration.
Not a bad trade for just one glass of water. In fact, the structure of water may be the most important factor in determining the ability for our cells to be properly hydrated.

One of the keys to reducing inflammation in the body is the Anti-Oxidant. Its nemesis; the Free Radical actively works to destroy healthy cells in the body, while our Anti-Oxidants work to reduce them. Tap water, distilled water, even bottled water are all major sources of Free Radicals. Soda pop and so-called healthy sports drinks are another big source of free radicals in the body. There is a solution — Ionized Alkaline water (ERW). Proven to be one of the best sources of Free Radical scavengers around, ERW drinkers have reported reduced pain from Arthritis, lactic acid buildup and many more common diseases centered on inflammation.

Scientists, Physicians and Health advocates agree, the pH level of our cells play a major role in determining the overall health of our body. However, just drinking pH balanced water does not guarantee a change at the cellular level. Consider the restructured properties of Ionized water as a key component. Ionized Alkaline Water is the water that works with your body, not against it. Most comparisons of Ionized Alkaline Water show this to be more cost effective than bottled waters. As we strive for better health and nutrition, it’s important that we account for water’s role and vital impact. As consumers, we have the chance to make a healthier choice by adding Ionized Alkaline Water into our diets.
It’s one simple change, one that could potentially change your life.

David Sherman


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