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dreamstimefree_77335Quick Tips That May Help Increase Your Personal Health

Hello Spring! Let us personally welcome the lush green grasses, flowers, warm weather and the opportunity to wear ten less layers and dip toes into soft earth lacking inches of snow. But with all the positives of this seasonal change we also have one of the downsides, including that opportunity to suffer with some health issues. No one wants to see a beautiful sunshine day pass them by from the sickbed. Below are some quick tips that may help you hoping past Easter and well into Spring and Summer.

Amethyst is one of the most commonly well-known stones that may promote healing energy. It can be worn for good health, as well as, be placed in any environment to create a healthy serene energy. It may also help with any health related issues including the body, mind or spirit.

Two of my personal favorite stones for healing are Kyanite and Fluorite. If you place either on the body they may actually reduce swelling, pain and inflammation (Quick tip: Fluorite can absorb energy quickly but can be fragile. Cleanse this stone often to avoid cracking or breaking). Hematite and Bloodstone are widely known for having healing properties, and if worn or carried may help promote positive health.

Tea is a great way to promote good health. Many have different healing properties. Lavender may be great for when you cannot sleep or calming the body down. Mint may help with the sinuses or allergies. If you are not fond of tea, place a clear glass or crystal cup of water in direct sunlight for at least an hour. This is an old myth that by allowing the water to absorb the sun’s rays it becomes angelic water and will purify the body of any toxins or negative energy.

One of my personal favorites is creating a healing dream pillow. Combine personal favorite healing stones with herbs to create a wonderful smelling dream pillow that may help promote positive health. Stones to include: those mentioned above, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, etc. Herbs to include: Mugwort, Lavender, Chamomile, Mint, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Yarrow, Feverfew. These are all positive scents for healing. You may also use these scents in essential oils on the skin or try them in a humidifier.

Burning purple candles may possibly release healing energy into an environment to better your health. If you are very ill, burn one unscented. If you can however handle the scent, try some of the herbal scents mentioned above. Take the candle and write down your personal health issues. Place them under the candle. Before lighting the candle imagine that the candle is every health issue you are suffering with and that as it burns, your body is being cleansed and purified from all ailments.

Try meditation for healing; sometimes the right amount of healing energy comes from knowing that you can and will be better!

**Writer’s Note: These tips are based on holistic and metaphysical concepts, are not guaranteed to produce positive health or cure any or all health issues, and may or may not help. Please seek medical attention before trying any of these tips first. Please do not replace your medical care with any of these concepts. Always consult professional medical care first!

By Courtney Overfield


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