Feeling Tired, Burned Out… Restore Your “Energy” Naturally


Today’s environment puts tremendous stress on children, teenagers and adults alike. This results in our feeling tired and worn out. Solutions now exist to restore our natural balance and energy or what can be referred to as ‘Vigor’.
The dictionary defines vigor as healthy physical or mental energy or power; vitality. Natural products exist that can restore vigor without the need for excessive energy or caffeine drinks.

Do you have days in which you’re fatigued, unable to focus, moody or just worn out physically? Researchers refer to this feeling as ‘burnout’. The same factors that create burnout could be associated with diet, exercise routines, lack of sleep or stress. One could rate different levels as mental focus = tired, high stress = fatigue and poor mood = exhausted. Vigor is a true gauge of how we feel, and scientists refer to three stages of sustained mood. These stages are described as physical energy, mental acuity and emotional well-being. One could feel energetic but not be able to maintain focus.
A person could be focused but not able to feel happiness or resiliency (cognitive). Getting all three states in balance creates a sense of vigor.

Today, people try to re-create this feeling with energy drinks. The market is expected to surpass $20 billion in 2018. The problem is, the drinks we are consuming have a simplistic approach to restoring energy. These drinks are focused around over stimulation by using caffeine and sugar. These fixes are temporary and do not address the true nature of how we feel. To restore vigor the market needs a multi-dimensional approach to restoring balance in the physical, mental and cognitive areas of our bodies.

Scientists have found that stimulating the Nrf2 pathway not only protects every cell in our body, but helps create healthier brain neurons and mitochondria. Mitochondria is the energy for the cells, like gas is the fuel for an automobile. Activating Nrf2 in the brain can help in restoring our vigor.

Today, products exist on the market which can activate Nrf2 naturally. They contain different herbs, such as New Zealand Pine Bark Extract, Green Tea Extract and more. They also include Quercetin, Theanine and DMAE, which helps with protecting and activating better cell function. These natural drinks restore the vigor and don’t come with the side effects from drugs, or crash from the current energy drinks. Consistent use of these natural products has shown in published research to reduce stress from high altitude, protect the brain from degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, and protect our neurons from other degenerative diseases.

In conclusion, restoring vigor can have a dramatic effect on your daily lifestyle. It is important to reduce stress, get plenty of quality sleep, eat natural organic foods, hydrate with good water sources and look for the proper herbal energy drink to protect your brain from too much oxidative stress. Experience a better lifestyle and try to combine a part of each component for a week and feel the difference.

David Sherman
Healthy Lifestyle Expert


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