Are you part of the Plan?


There is a Great Plan at work in our life and it is unfolding all around us right now. Even though many are unaware of what is happening, it is happening anyway and is affecting everything about our life.

The underlying force and guidance of the universe is conspiring in all things and in all ways to bring about a quantum leap in the consciousness of humanity. The Plan is to bring about the awakening of consciousness to the full awareness of who you are. These Forces are designed to help you let go of illusions of doubt, separation and limitation and to assist you in coming to know the truth of who you are and settle you into a peace that passes all understanding.

Such a Plan is taking place today, and the energy to support the unfoldment of love and conscious awareness has never been greater. These forces are more aligned than ever to help and guide you to let go of the heavy thinking and suffering of the third dimension (the world of form) and ascend into the higher dimensions of love and bliss. This shift is most pronounced in our lifetime. We have seen the waning of the Age of Pisces, the age of the mind and ego, and witnessed the rise of the Age of Aquarius, the age of love. We are now fully in the time of Aquarius, signified by the shift on 12/12/12.

These seemingly overhyped astrological and mystical events have great importance. They signify a shift in the energies that are affecting us. Whether you know it or not, there are new energies available to you. As always, you have free will. You can choose to resist them or use them to consciously evolve.

Any time energy moves in one direction and a different energy opposes it, friction results. This resistance manifests as ever increasing amounts of unease, drama, pain, illness and suffering in your life. You literally create your own hell on earth. You will have created your own crown of thorns through thoughts of resistance and attachment to worldly things. Resistance is the first choice.

The second choice is to allow. Allow these higher energies to soften your heart and expand your awareness. Let go of judgment of right and wrong and the need to control others so that you can be ok. Victimhood and self-deprecation are things of the past as you step into your power as a god creator. This is the joy of the fifth dimension. It is where humanity is evolving to.

There is a paradox at play in that either choice supports the Plan. You will evolve either way. But why would you choose suffering if you could have joy? You chose to incarnate on earth to be here today. Why did your Soul make this choice? Because you have a greater role to play in the evolution of your consciousness and that of humanities than you could possibly imagine.

Although these energies have always been available to allow truth to reveal itself, there has never been a time when there has been so much available to help you make a higher choice. This is why you are here. Because you make a difference. Choose wisely.

The world is becoming more polarized. Sides are being drawn like never before. Decisions that define who we are, are being brought to the forefront. Transparency is all around us. There are no more secrets. The light of truth shines bright. No one can hide any longer.

At this time of the year (the full moon of May), the Spiritual Hierarchy gathers on the planet to receive and distribute the highest of Divine Blessings for the greatest good of all. If you choose to be part of this sacred time of year, you will receive tremendous blessings by supporting and serving the highest and worthiest of intentions. In so doing, you will be raised above all that is illusion and come into the full awareness of the god self that you are.

Join us this month as we tap into the energies of the most powerful full moon of the year and meditate on being part of the Great Plan. We will invoke Divine blessings from the Spiritual Hierarchy and distribute them throughout the planet. Experience the joy of being part of the Great Plan the Masters know and serve. May 3, 9pm EDT on

Dave Krajovic


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