Avatars and Gods Who Came To Earth – Part II


International bestselling author, Richard Lawrence, believes we have been visited by cosmic intelligences throughout our history. Among them, he says, are some of the greatest spiritual icons ever to be born upon Earth. Here he reveals the cosmic plan behind the coming to Earth of these avatars and gods from past millennia up to the present day.

It was the great western master of yoga Dr. George King, my personal teacher and very close friend, who first explained in depth this concept of the cosmic avatar. And he should know, because although he never said so in public, I am convinced that he was one himself. I was privileged to co-author the last book he published in his lifetime, “Contacts With The Gods From Space”, and he did not wish to disclose it then. This was partly because of his innate humility and desire to focus upon other Masters rather than himself. However, I feel sure that now this revelation can and should be made.

He was born on January 23rd, 1919 in Shropshire. “My God, Mary, this child is not of this Earth!” were the immediate words of his maternal grandmother, herself a well-known psychic, to his mother. Later, his mother would have outstanding cosmic encounters which would confirm the other-worldly origins of her son.

His focus on inner development and the higher planes began in early childhood and continued throughout his teens and twenties. Nowadays, yoga is widely practised and generally accepted, but it wasn’t in the England of 1945. Even today, it would be unheard of for anyone to practise advanced forms of Yoga for an average of eight hours a day for a ten year period, as he did. And, unlike an eastern sannyasin or monk, he had to work for a living too!

His spiritual training was for a higher purpose other than solely personal development, for his mission was to become a channel through whom the gods from space would speak to Earth. Between 1954 and his passing in 1997, he was their voice. As someone who was in touch with him almost every day for the last 20 years of his life, I can vouch for the fact that he was always on call for them twenty-four hours a day. Dr. King was not the only cosmic avatar of the 20th century (another I believe was Mahatma Gandhi), but his was the challenging and controversial task of giving the interplanetary message, which he did through the organisation he founded and which continues today, The Aetherius Society.

I must stress that although the avatars and gods I have named are all male in their incarnations on Earth, they may well not be so where they come from. In fact, on the higher planets, they are not limited to gender at all. In a world which has wrongly been dominated by men for so long, it was necessary for them to assume these identities in order to perform their allotted tasks among us. This will change as a new age dawns. In fact, since the Mother Earth is a female planet, the time must come when all the leading roles upon her will be taken by women.

It’s not surprising that traditional organised religions have a bad name. This is not the fault of their founders, but of the man-made dogmas, political machinations and financial interests which have distorted the purity of their origins. One of their greatest failings has been the propagation of the myth that there is only one way to divinity, namely their way. All great spiritual truth leads back to the divine source whether you call that source God, Brahma, Jehovah, the Great White Spirit or by any other name.

An understanding that the avatars and gods who came to Earth are part of a cosmic plan determined by even greater beings than themselves, explodes this damaging myth which has led to so much conflict, death and division in our world. They are brother-Gods unified by the same cause – the salvation and enlightenment of humanity.

In 1959, Dr. King entered a deep meditative trance on BBC television and channelled the following words from a cosmic intelligence named, The Master Aetherius: “If you are a Christian, then live the laws as laid down by Jesus. If you are a Buddhist, live the laws as laid down by Buddha. If you are a Hindu, then be the best Hindu. This procedure is the one true way for men of Earth to save themselves from their lower aspects.”

If we followed this advice, it would be a different world tomorrow, and the untold sacrifices of the avatars and gods who came to Earth would at last be honoured by those who profess to follow them.

Richard Lawrence is an international bestselling author and co-hosts, “Aetherius Radio Live with Chrissie Blaze” on Body Mind Spirit Radio. www.bodymindspiritradio.com.
Visit his website: www.richardlawrence.co.uk


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