Growing Higher Self


It’s spring and our world is a fertile ground for growing things! I see that all my favorite spring flowers have taken root and are blooming in a profusion of joy. There is so much beauty all around and I can just soak it in. I always like to take advantage of this fertile season to nurture and grow what is important within me. With that in mind, I’d like to meditate with you on the process of growing Higher Self this spring!

In this season, when the increase of sun calls all life to be reborn, there is a quickening within people’s souls that calls us to have a deeper union with our eternal truth and wisdom. The increased energy in the world around us opens us to something new. Like a plant, we are being called to become as fruitful and whole as we can be; taking in the higher energies of life and of our true selves and planting them deeply into the fertile energies of earth so they can increase within our world.

Making room for higher self and the nurturing and pleasure of spirit requires more inner initiative than it did when our economy was booming more consistently, and taking classes and buying spiritual books was easier on our budgets. But our spiritual experience can grow even stronger than ever now. Working more under our own initiative will develop even stronger soul muscles, qualities and gifts that our higher self needs so that we can realize our potential within the world.

Now is the time to learn how to keep a spiritual focus in everyday life, regardless of what we are doing. This increases our pleasure in living and helps us fulfill our true purpose in life, which is to incorporate our higher self into our bodies and the world, so we are growing God on earth. There is more value in doing a mundane task and including a focus of higher self, than doing an outwardly grand work without the higher focus. Making room for higher self and growing it in our lives is something everyone can do, and spring is an ideal time to practice doing it!

Growing God on earth is such a fun visual for me! I see the rich soil full of living organisms, seeds and roots.
The soil is physically dark, but with spiritual vision, it is radiant with the colorful, glowing spiritual aura of life. Our earthy human nature is also like that. It appears to be dense, but it is full of life when we welcome our higher self into it. Each cell of our bodies can be activated, stimulated to function optimally by the love of our higher self within us. Each chakra can be open to love and truth of our higher self.

When your higher self is welcomed into your physical experience, it is like a beloved parent coming home, and the cells and organs of your body are like children, filled with joy and feeling safe now, knowing that there is a greater intelligence and love present to keep life going in the right direction. Let your higher self run the house of your being, from the smallest cell to the biggest outer responsibility; let your true self be present and in charge.

Your mind can become open to your higher intelligence and make space to receive guidance from your inner wisdom.
Your emotions can be turned toward the love that exists within and all around you from the essence of truth of your higher self. Try pausing between tasks during your day, to acknowledge what you have accomplished and to enjoy just being present in the moment.

Open your heart and feelings to your higher self and breathe the joy of your True Being into your life; no matter what is happening in your world, let the love enter there. Then look at your next task from that spiritual connection.
Allow your higher intelligence to be present, caring for you and helping you express loving intelligence into whatever you are doing, no matter how mundane or frustrating it may seem sometimes. It is who you are, not what you are doing that is important. When your higher self is present, you are planting God into the world and helping that eternal truth, by whatever name you call it, to grow within your experience.

Grounding higher self into the world allows the essence of truth of God to act on earth. When you are doing this, your wishes and prayers for a better world have impact. The energy of your higher self, grounded through your soul and body into the actions you take on earth, will generate a true substance of life. That substance is an energy The Higher Power can use to recreate our world into a state of harmony.

The effort you put out to bring Higher Self into your life each time you pause to breathe and connect between activities may seem like a small thing, but it can really make a difference for all of us here on earth.

Eve Wilson


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