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unnamedVirginia Mercury

Virginia is a life-long intuitive that is also a classically trained and experienced psychotherapist. She uses trans-personal, intuitive, and metaphysical practices to guide individuals towards revealing their Divine Self.

Her experience extends 15 years, 10 of them working as a teacher in the Detroit Public School District. Throughout her professional earth life, she has maintained a focus on helping, healing and supporting community, and providing guidance to children and families of substance abuse. She also focuses on aiding migrant families and youth in acclimating to American Society, and elevating the condition of women minorities and underprivileged youth in society through education.

As her consciousness grew, her spirituality blossomed more and more; ultimately, she integrated her metaphysical and spiritual work with her formal education and therapeutic techniques, and began recognizing exemplary results with her clients.

Do you desire to expand? Do you feel as if something is missing in your life? Are you walking this earth unsure if you are on the path meant for you? Come and see Virginia when the life you are living no longer fits you and it feels as though the path is broken. She can steer you back to divine light. Her services will help you identify and clarify your life purpose. You will learn and identify universal laws and how to apply them, promote spiritual well-being, and connect to your Higher Self.

She guides clients on their personal paths by tapping into source energy through the use of Intuitive Consultation, both empathically and clairvoyantly using Oracle, Tarot, Angel and Ascension Cards. Her signature service is providing a Life Path Analysis.

Virginia has a soft spot for children and lovingly helps those children who have the “psychic gift”, cope with and learn to live with their gifts. Because of her teaching background, she naturally connects with pre-teens and teens. If you have a child that is considered, “hypersensitive” or “gifted”, Virginia Mercury is the perfect spiritual intuitive counselor to support and help your child on their unique path. She works with many teens in developing their Life Development Plan, which is creating an actual plan-of-action that will help them achieve what they dream and envision their future to be. In turn, the kids tend to be more focused and learn to be more purposeful in their actions; they learn consciousness and get a big jump-start on their own journey to Self-Enlightenment.

For a truly unique, well-rounded and all-encompassing therapeutic and spiritual healing experience that will genuinely transform your life, call Virginia Mercury and discover the light of your divine self!

Virginia Mercury is a Body Mind Spirit Radio Host. Tune in to her show, “Divine Light with Virginia Mercury” the 2nd Saturday of every month from 1-2 p.m. Her Office is located in Royal Oak and she can be reached at: 734-716-3001.


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