To Dream the Impossible Dream


To dream the impossible dream — the theme of a man (Don Quixote) who believed in life and a place better than the relativity of what was before him. His insight takes him to a world where he can be and achieve many things within his life. Sounds like the power of affirmations to me. With his best friend, Sancho, they move off to the sunset, fighting many battles or should we say, windmills together. Yup, a clear insight of he and his spirit guides moving in tandem together through the journey of life.

Many times, the nay-sayers work to persuade Don Quixote to see relativity as it is, and yet his vision of what he wants to stand for always stays intact. Good fountain of conviction, maybe obtained from Meditation or Yoga. While each of us will have our personal journey and lessons through life, we can take and gain insight on how someone can and did change his own relativity by seeing things differently. Truly a great story of personal insight!

Sometimes, seeing things from a different perspective than our own soul image can allow us to release and gain knowledge of why they are brought to us. Though things might appear to be restricted and people appear to be unbending, the thoughts of what it could be and how you can develop it will lead you to a better self.

Please keep in mind that Don Quixote only changed his perception of his life. He never wanted to change anyone else. Though in being able to see things in a different light, he found a way to live with them and adjust. He moved forward through the issue, not letting it stand in his way.

In proceeding through your own journey of self-improvement and change, you will find many nay-sayers that might knock you off your foothold in your life path. That is when Dulcinea, the barmaid, who Don Quixote saw as a beautiful maiden, must come into play. Remain true to your values and purpose in your journey.

I am working towards this in my endeavor to present workshops, teaching in the Downriver area through Opening to Enlightenment. Here, we present 2-hour workshops for our clients to help them tap into their own sense of spirituality on each subject. As people begin to advance and increase their personal wisdom, enlightenment and growth will abound. With that, we as a whole will grow to a higher frequency, bringing people closer to their personal truth and peace. Maybe to fight the unbeatable foe.

Nancy Weil


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