How to Heal an Unconscious Moment and Find Peace


I recently had an unconscious moment and I was not proud of how I showed up. It was one of those where tempers flare and you dig your heels in because you “know” you are right. It has been a long time since Pat and I had such a fight.

With the passing of the day, some conscious breathing, meditating and forgiveness, all is well again. But what causes such moments and how do we heal them so that we don’t repeat the pattern?

Our Souls Are Conspiring

Our souls are constantly and instantly in communication with each other, conspiring to create perfect moments to heal. The soul desires to re-member it is perfect love. Arguments create separation … “I am right; you are wrong; and I will fight you to prove it.” Life wishes to heal the illusion of separation that you created. Such situations will continue to play out in your life until you have decided you have had enough and it is time to heal.

Much is happening that we are unaware of. The Great Mystery is choreographing such moments. Why would Life want to create something so ugly? So that you can experience that which you are not, for in the absence of what you are not, you are. In this way you can learn the truth of who you are and the illusion can be healed.

Accepting Responsibility Claims Your Power

Healing begins when you consciously acknowledge your creations. This is not easy. Many of you will take exception to what I am saying. But truth is truth.

Why would I create such an event? To heal it. You cannot heal that which you are unaware of. It is the purpose of the soul to bring these deep dark corners of unconsciousness to light. When the light of truth shines on it, accept your power and claim your creation.

Be Aware of Error Thinking

The ego mind would have you believe you created nothing, that it was the other person who wronged you. This is error thinking. Continue on this path and you will never be free.

Many are afraid of this step. It is easy to claim our successes but not so easy to claim our failures. Yet this too is error thinking. How could this be a failure if it was planned by the soul? Look at it as an opportunity to heal that which your Higher Soul brought to you. Everything is planned by One who knows what is in your highest and greatest good. How you respond is up to you since you have free will.

Seeking A Deeper Truth

Ignore what your eyes and ears tell you and seek a deeper truth. The journey to the kingdom takes you deeper and deeper. It is not outside of you. It is within you.

Love Your Creations and Set Them Free

We are the mother of our creations. Mothers’ love their creations. Since you created this, acknowledge it and bring love to it. This is what it means to love self. Love self even though you created a terrible argument. How do you do that?
By knowing that the soul choreographed the experience for a higher purpose so you could heal. In fact, Pat’s soul asked me (my soul) to play this role so that she could experience what it is like to be separate, to be a victim. My soul did the same. Give yourself credit for playing the role so well. Love it, forgive it, learn from it and move on!

You are the writer, director, actor, audience and critic of the story of your life. Give yourself credit for how well you are playing these roles. Sure, our argument was ugly, but it is the only way to freedom. Recognizing your creation, loving it as any mother loves her child, will let you heal it. The argument was created for you to heal the illusion behind it. You must love it and let it go. What greater task can there be than to bring love to all that is. Love heals all, love is all. In this way the illusion of separation will fade, the veil will thin and love will be born again on earth as it is in heaven.

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Dave Krajovic

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