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When it comes to health, males are not keeping up with the “weaker gender.” According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Men die at higher rates than women from the top 10 causes of death….” Men frequently wait until health problems are out-of-control before seeking help.

In honor of Father’s Day, we’re holding a workshop to explore natural solutions to common male problems and men’s health. Since men are typically in the minority at workshops, I hope both guys and gals will attend this one!

To find solutions to most problems, it’s best to start at the beginning. Many health problems actually begin before birth; although the genetics of both parents play a role, the mother’s nutrition is critical for establishing a foundation of health for her baby. So if your parents were healthy, you’re fortunate! But if your mother lacked minerals and/or other nutrients, she most likely passed these deficiencies on to you. If her adrenal and thyroid glands weren’t functioning properly, her body would have drawn from your adrenal and thyroid glands in a process that allows pregnancies to continue normally.

The building blocks of health are compromised without proper nutrition. Since the development of the spine may be compared to the framework of a house, it’s absolutely essential that the spine be solidly constructed. The first specific structure to be formed is the neural tube. From this neural tube, the brain and spinal cord are formed, followed by the organs.

After birth, many pre-birth problems may be remedied with a good diet. Dr. Royal Lee did amazing research into this with miraculous results. One example where good practices can prevent problems is keeping babies away from soy, due to the likelihood of high phytoestrogen levels which disrupt the baby’s normal hormone charging cycles.

Traveling through life toward adulthood continues to require the basics. Maintaining a healthy nervous system (which can be improved by getting adjusted at all ages) is imperative. Eating well is vital. The new buzzword diet trend (the Paleo Diet) is essentially what our ancestors ate — some fruits, lots of vegetables, eggs, meat, and fish. Unfortunately, many fish are toxic these days. But in a pure state, fish are amazing sources of easily digested protein. The Environmental Working Group ( can help you determine which foods should be organic. Eating toxic food disrupts normal function so toss the contaminated junk food, or give up more than you care to think about!

Now let’s consider adults and procreation. Young couples wanting to have children often come to my office because they’re having difficulty conceiving. The diagnostic checklist I use for this starts with the nervous system. If signals are not moving from the body to the brain and vice versa, normal function is impaired for guys of all ages. The prime area of dysfunction is the low back. Hard work may have damaged the lumbar spine — and if signals to the genitalia don’t get through, there is a loss of sensation with a lack of signals to complete intercourse. This interference, most evident in the lumbar spine, can occur anywhere on the path between the brain and spine.

Next subject: toxic overload. A toxic body will stop itself from producing genetically damaged offspring. Don’t attempt desperate measures to override your body with unnatural or extreme methods. Instead, detoxify your body every spring and fall as recommended in Chinese or oriental medicine. Stack the cards in your favor– it is far better to prevent diseases of all kinds, including cancer, rather than undergoing treatments after you have the disease!

Now, let’s discuss our powerful, incredible hormones! The right ones take us to heaven and wrong ones take us to H E double toothpicks as they used to say. Female hormonal systems are approximately three times more complex, but male hormones are equally vital. Hormones are essentially chemical signaling packages released from certain glands and organs in the body. There are 30 – 40 distinct hormones produced by the adrenal glands alone, not to mention many more produced by every gland and organ in the body. These hormones need to work in concert together to create the beautiful music and the dance of life. Visualize a Christmas tree — starting at the top with the most basic down to the broader, lower level. This analogy explains the complex processes as hormones are converted into more diverse hormones for more specific uses. At each level are feedback mechanisms to keep everything functioning smoothly. If we wrongly intervene, we disrupt and crash the system, so don’t let anyone who does not have a thorough understanding of this “adjust” your hormones — that’s a formula for disaster.

Lastly, in later adult life, life does go on. Our bodies are designed to support healthy sexual activities throughout one’s life, or for approximately 120 years. When guys experience their organs “quitting early,” it’s often a reflection of their overall health — or lack of it. When these guys turn to drugs to enhance their function, the side effects can be devastating. The good news is that there are helpful, natural alternatives to these types of problems.

Another all-important note relating to guys is that many drugs, including blood pressure and cholesterol meds, can decrease male function. Check for side effects and discuss this with your doctor. Very important to this topic is belly fat which produces two bad chemicals for us guys: estrogen which feminizes guys, and the aromatase enzyme which turns testosterone into estrogen! So much for testosterone injections! Come to the workshop to learn more.

Guys have a reputation for neglecting their health. The majority wait until they’ve got a major problem before implementing a healthier lifestyle. For Father’s Day, let’s start a campaign designed to inspire men to live up to their fullest potential and enjoy a lifetime of health! Help brainstorm this idea at the Men’s Health workshop at my office, Thursday, June 11.

Join Dr. William H. Karl, D.C. on Thursday, June 11 at 7pm for a FREE workshop on Men’s Health. Please register for this workshop by calling 734-425-8220. For more information, visit

Dr. William H. Karl, D.C.


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