Learning to Be Whole


Within you is a seed of wholeness; it contains the complete pattern for your potential and truth. Like any seed, it needs water and warmth to grow. I get excited thinking about all the possibilities that it represents for you, for me and for the world. Your uniqueness is desired by the wholeness at the core of all life, it is one piece within the larger picture of what we can become here on earth.

In summertime, we are called out of doors by the warmth and beauty of earth and light and love that pours in through the universe. We are called outdoors from our jobs, our housework, our televisions and reminded that we are a part of something incomprehensibly grand. We recognize it in the verdant plant life, the refreshing water of our favorite lakes and rivers, the sounds of children laughing, birds calling their mates, crickets chirping, fireflies lighting up our nights, the sweet smell of air.

All of this calls you to uncover the richness of life that lies within your own soul. The radiance of sun and stars touch you and awaken yearnings for something more. The influences of the season set off positive reactions within your body, mind, heart and soul that make you grow.

So many of us live in heavily populated areas where the energy of nature is diluted, but the call to go outside and to grow is still present, though you may need to seek it deliberately. Trees are amazing teachers for human beings, and you can almost always find one even in the city. A healthy tree is a beautiful representation of what a human being can potentially be. The strong trunk of the tree represents the strength of our body and soul when we are living in wholeness and truth. Its beautiful branches and leaves can represent the way we can reach up and out to receive the light of unconditional love from the universe and the source of life. Trees receive the energy of the sun like we can receive our own Higher Self and the Higher Power and integrate these into our bodies and souls.

The deep roots of the tree are as broad and tall as the branches above. These can help us remember that our energy field is rooted into the earth, accessing the unconditional love of The Goddess Mother, the feminine aspect of the One Source of Life as it manifests through our planet.

At the core you are a whole being, and all of your desires to live here on earth, not just the part of you that feeds your finances or cares for others. It is easy to let life squeeze you into a familiar rut, where you forget to water and nurture your seeds of wholeness. When this happens a person may grow like a tree up against a house, where there is only room for half its branches and it doesn’t get enough light. There is a way to make enough room for your whole self within your life and in doing so everything and everyone in your life will benefit. You can be whole.

People tend to think of success in life as the accomplishment and acquisition of things and money. What about the success of being whole, happy and connected to your eternal spirit? What about sensing God within every moment, every person and every experience of your life? It isn’t so much what you are doing, it is that you are doing it with wholeness; your heart, mind and spirit being engaged in the process. Don’t let life pass you by; and please, please welcome your eternal spirit to be present in all that you do. When all of us do that we will realize that we are all God here on earth. Each Being is created to be a unique presence of The One Source of Life, living in harmony with the greater good for all creation.

Since the dawn of time, we have been growing our souls, bodies and the world as vehicles for our eternal spirit to live within. Like a child finally growing up, the world has been growing overall more conscious and capable of realizing its potential, and is surprisingly close to doing so. Our potential is the experience of wholeness; our bodies and souls being one with our own facet of The Oneness that created all life. Each of us is unique and precious, having a role to play in the larger purpose of life, and in order to fulfill that potential, we need to have an identity shift. Collectively we are beginning to step into a new experience, where success will be defined by our wholeness, and our ability to partner with The Higher Power within all life in each moment. We need to make space in our lives and our souls for this shift to take place; then we can begin to learn what it means to be a whole person living in a world characterized by wholeness, unconditional love and truth. This is our birthright and our destiny.

Eve Wilson


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